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According to a study by the National Center for Women and Information Technology, “Gender inequality has certain advantages in technology settings,” which may explain why technology companies are investing in initiatives to increase the number of female applicants. More effectively, keep them longer and give them a chance to move forward. But is it enough?

Three years ago, we opened a series of diversity aimed at bringing you the most exciting and powerful women in the technology scene. Today, we want you to meet with Nuret Cohen Inger, Vice President of BeyondMinds.

Today’s woman in tech – Nurit Cohen Inger, vice president of BeyondMinds products

Nurt Cohen Inger, vice president of products, describes and drives the company’s product strategy and life cycle with the development and management of a strong team of product managers and designers. With more than 22 years of experience in information systems, Nurit, a former data officer at IDF, has a track record in digital and data transfer, AIA solutions from concept to production, innovation management, strategic planning and software project management. Nurit holds a Masters in Computer Science from the University of Bar-Elan and a MBA from Tel Aviv University.

When did you become interested in technology?

I began my undergraduate degree in computer science with no background in this subject. I didn’t even have a PC at home. The first year was a disaster – mostly in theoretical mathematics. But at the end of that year I started the program and I loved it – it was fun to create a new application and be born!

How did you end up on your career path?

I started my career with the Israeli Defense Forces C4I and the Cyber ​​Defense Directorate and spent 21 years in this department leading various projects that have a strategic impact on the country’s security. In my last position, I was the first person to serve in this role as IDF’s Chief Information Officer. A.D. In 2019, I graduated with honors as a Lieutenant Colonel. As part of my role, I have served as a focal point for AI solutions as I develop relevant skills to promote AI and information initiatives within the IFA. Recognizing the enormous potential of the IAA in military use – as well as the limitations and harms of misuse, I raised critical thinking about the implications of IT ethics in both military and civilian security operations.

Did you get support from your family and friends?

Throughout my career, I have had the support of my family. From my parents who pushed me from high school to science (from a few dozen boys) to later to study computer science at university.

I am married with 3 children – all of whom support me in the profession they have asked of me – in IDF, and now in BeyondMinds. I could not do this without their help and consideration.

I have a great team of product managers and designers; Together, we will map out the future of our company and implement it!

Did someone try to stop you from learning and growing in your career?

no I do not. Honestly, I have to say, I have never felt “glass roof” in my career. I wisely say that technology layouts have nothing to do with sex. On the contrary, I know for a fact that some of my bosses preferred a different style of administration, and they all appreciated my personal and professional advancement.

One day in Nurit’s life

I am a VPA product at BeyondMinds, an enterprise AI company that develops and offers fully customized product level AI solutions for each customer based on business needs, patient points and information. In my day-to-day work I lead the company’s product strategy and life cycle, playing an important role in the bridge between R&D teams and business-sales and customers. I am a member of the company’s senior management team, where I have a deep understanding of AI technology and how to implement AI in large organizations. I feel that I am contributing to the company’s strategy every day. I spend a lot of time interacting with customers, understanding their needs, and how to grow our products accordingly. I have a great team of product managers and designers; Together, we will map out the future of our company and implement it!

In my managerial responsibilities, I have led the company’s ethics committee, which oversees the ethical aspects of all company products, from basic model development to proper deployment and continued use of the client’s real-world information.

What are you most proud of in your career?

I am proud of the many happy stakeholders who are using the solutions we have built. Delivering values ​​with technology is not as easy as it seems. So satisfied customers are making me proud of what I do.

Why aren’t more women in technology?

Unfortunately, it starts with a girl’s socialization. Girls do not have the authority to learn STEM and this is the main reason why more female engineers are mentioned than men.

Can you name a few challenges (or obstacles) in front of Tech?

They are still small; Their voices may not be heard.

Make sure you are in a learning environment. New things related to your work, but things that expand your horizons.

Would the world be different if more women worked in STEM?

Diversity is always preferred for each group – technology teams and management teams. Women are seen as more cooperative (and less competitive), and this balance contributes to the overall atmosphere.

Discussions on diversity are gaining momentum. How long will it take to see the results from the current conversation?

It takes time to create balance in mixed groups, but I believe that even small and medium-term changes can have a significant impact on teamwork and communication in the workplace.

What advice (and tips) do you give to women looking for technology?

Always do what you love! You need to love your workplace, your coworkers, your activities, the technology you develop. Do not compromise.

Make sure you are in a learning environment. New things related to your work, but things that expand your horizons.

Also, I’ve read a lot and I believe it’s important – but professional material is also a myth. I always take some kind of online course, from basic education to creative writing and art. This helps me to be balanced and to be more creative.

Lots of women in tech