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Not only is the digital end, the basics of marketing and advertising cannot be weakened

By Ambika Sharma

Kovid-19 has had a profound effect on most businesses. Well-designed and business-oriented marketing plans have been disrupted. A.D. By 2021, marketing budgets will continue to fall sharply. Markets are vulnerable and the focus is on selling existing products to existing consumers. This low-risk approach focuses on expanding sales and improving customer engagement to improve the adoption of new products or upgrade existing consumers into new products. To balance this, brands are compensating with selected new market launches or product innovations that could start the current real estate market.

There is pressure on performance, but the brand is a trumpet card. Demand and digital expectations are growing, and this opens up the opportunity for digital fingerprints to expand and change the digital marketing experience. There is pressure on performance and short-term goals, but my advice to clients is to create a balance. And participation.

The customers have changed, A significant change has been made to search for a brand connection before looking for a brand. Consumers want useful conversations. Brands should take the lead in finding solutions to issues that directly affect their audience or social and cultural issues that consumers believe in. It results in strategic alignment, CSR and willingness to create real empathy and influence.

Not only is the digital end, the basics of marketing and advertising cannot be weakened. No “redesign” can compensate for a weak connection or sub-brand. Consumers want to buy from brands that they believe have a common cause or that contribute to a better world. In today’s world, branding goes beyond the product – the interconnectedness and change of internal and external policies, an important part of this change, and your commitment to the greater ecology, and digital play a big role. This commitment to social change is part of the larger brand.

Over the past 12 months, this changing approach to digital branding has seen exciting results for us. On the one hand, we work side by side with cosmetics and the skin care brand goes from pure direct sales to ecommerce and D2C with powerful results and more important future opportunities. On the other hand, in the first two months of the SARC countries with strong growth lines, the white goods brand stimulated their approach to digital startup.

More. There is pressure on budgets and therefore it is becoming more and more important to achieve balance, we are doing less. This is not only a small budget, but also a risk to trade marks today, opportunities for recovery, expansion attacks (in most cases), and willingness to experiment with new formats among other formats. One approach may not fit all, but while consumer products are growing, it is important to accept the reality of budget cuts. Bucket I recommend having a small budget for the test bucket, because competition is intensifying at every level and in every market. Consumer sentiment has changed in some areas, so there is no playbook. Exploring new avenues in digital and mixed marketing will help us open up hidden opportunities for our customers.

A technology client in the B2B space opened to allow B2B audiences the opportunity to build and drive a digital marketing program, and today we received the award. The rewards are great, but more than that, the process of preparing a new correction for the B2B marketing campaign was very satisfying and rewarding.

Although the perception of vulnerability is growing. As a result, better markets are quick to identify new opportunities to accelerate their growth. They constantly explore new digital marketing trends, technologies and platforms that deliver smart results with fast GTM and low cost. (No pressure). Undoubtedly, there is a strong tendency to better manage digital engagement that leads to revenue growth. Using AI for SEO, for example, is one of these game changers, it improves performance and reduces costs. We have been able to extend these benefits to our customers.

Privacy is especially important when it comes to property ownership. Consumers are open to voluntary information that makes their experience relevant, easy, and time-saving. Improving consumer travel based on detailed customer personalities will improve the last mile, especially in D2C brands. When marketers sell their sense of individuality and performance, brand names move to build and grow their own websites, and performance becomes important. The adoption of design systems has become part of the evaluation methodology guidelines, system libraries, organizational principles, templates, reusable codes, playbooks, and more.

Content is the largest revenue driver in digital but generates budgets. It is true and there is no exploration around it, the content requires a lot of time from traders and agencies, crowded stories about all the last minute changes are true but there is a reason, the content is the biggest revenue driver on digital, it is more natural than any marketing plan, effort, bandwidth It takes content and budget. We talked about AI in SEO and there is an additional option to be smart about content, reuse, reuse, and that pays off. Its thousands of hours are stored in good quality and with excellent effect. The cornerstones are Picasso’s perfection, with edits, adaptation to playbooks, white papers, video and more.

Key growth drivers in the market

There are these and many emerging trends, one size does not suit everyone, but the text on the wall supports speed, test and protection balance and, most importantly, commitment to consumer engagement.

The author is the founder and M.D. , Is a pulp strategy

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