WarnerMedia CEO Jason Keller from Discovery Inc. It may or may not remain with the company once it is merged. Thiago Prudêncio / SOPA Images / LightRocket via Getty Images

In May, AT&T from Discovery Inc. Discovery CEO David Zaslav and Warner Media CEO Jason Killer share the territory in an unstable union? Something unlikely. Speaking at the Vox Media Code Conference at the end of September, Killar admitted that he was disappointed to be at the helm of at least 2022, but that he had no chance of continuing to lead the company.

A final landscape change is expected, with Kirlan’s time back on WarnerMedia and predicting what will happen next for the executive to provide an insight into the current competitive environment.

WarnerMedia’s bold yet controversial plan

A.D. In April 2020, Kirner Warner was appointed CEO of Media, and his deal came eight months later in December. Dissatisfaction with the ongoing epidemic is dragging on the theater cinema and a new release service HBO Max is slowly coming out of the door, Klar Warner Bros. announced. General 2021 Film Board (b Wonder Woman 1984) Starts at the same time on theaters and on HBO Max. It was the boldness of the strategy, as seen in recent Hollywood history. While other studios were setting out individual strategies to tackle the epidemic, Warner Media stoned the plan. During the filming process, the company failed to announce many creative and corporate partners, resulting in a significant return from the Hollywood community and hundreds of millions of dollars in “good” payments. (Killar admits they acted quickly last month).

Regardless of the outcome, the move primarily targets HBX Max to the media lab, a An invaluable (and very public) experiment on the impact of daily releases. And while some accuse Warner Brows of quitting the film, the company now ranks second in the box office (behind DC) in all Hollywood studios with a domestic market share (18.08 percent). His greatest bet, Dun (October 22) and Matrix resurrections (December 22), yet to come.

“In the end, it was useful for everyone in the industry, and especially for the Warner Brochure,” said Bruce Nash, founder of the Bureau of Analysis and Tracking Services. Who sees HBO Max, what the overall audience impact of the same day releases is, and the financial benefits of establishing subscriptions to the service, which is a great business model if you can crack it.

At the same time, HBO and HBO Max had a total of 47 million US subscribers in Q2 this year, an increase of 10.7 million from the previous quarter. Globally, HBO and HBO Max exceeded 67.5 million by the end of June. These include wholesale subscribers who have not activated their HBO Max accounts, but do not include free trials. This growth represents the future of the company. In July, AT&T released its customer estimates by 2021, with an estimated 120 to 150 million international subscribers by the end of 2025. Over a year, US subscriber growth increased by 72 percent per June 2020-June 2021 per transaction data antenna.

HBO Max subscriber development
US SVOD subscriber growth. Antenna

Restoring damaged creative connections was difficult and expensive, and some bridges could burn out without repair (see Christopher Nolan). That is a great loss. But struggling theaters have been locked in a never-ending film of endless chairs. And HBO Max received consistent high-end content between product closures. It made sense when it came to the complexity of Covid and the struggle for non-Marvel films. And it works.

According to content analysis platform Diesel Labs, HBO Max has grown significantly over the past year. Since the end of September 21, the two services have connected to Netflix with a +18 percent lower audience.

Netflix vs HBO Max vs Disney +
Streaming Platform engages audience growth. Diesel Laboratories

WarnerMedia by ViacomCBS and Disney, a data company by Paro Analytics, on the role of corporate interest in measuring video streaming across all platforms in the United States.

WarnerMedia content
Content demand share in the United States by corporate ownership (2018-2021) Parrot analyzes

“The release of these films is only possible if both platforms are successful,” Paul Comradorian, a senior media analyst at Comcordo, told observers. “If a platform takes a hit, in my opinion, that is not a great strategy. But when you take the total success, I think they did well. ”

HBO Max is steadily growing in 2021 and the box office is not going down (WB’s Godzilla in our Kong The first plague was a plague). Looking at the 2022 WB standard, the studio is ready to deliver as many high-end blockcasts Batman, Amazing Animals 3, Black Adam And The flash. Across HBO and HBO Max, WarnerMedia is hitting major brands – DC, Game of Thrones, Video-game adaptation, maybe even Harry Potter:To develop a large amount of needle-operated IP. WarnerMedia developed these assets long before joining Clalar, but it has helped keep it growing.

“In terms of getting strong franchises, they are really the only studio that competes with DC,” says Nash.

JJ Abrams Superman WarnerMedia DCEU
Warner Bros. “Justice League” Clay Henos / TM & (c) DC Comics

What are Jason Keller’s next steps?

Acting in Hollywood comes with its own set of attitudes.

“The problem is he is the CEO, and like the NBA or the NFL head coach, they really can’t go back to being a disgusting coordinator,” Guy, a former digital media expert and current industry analyst, said. Sometimes people do it, but that is often considered inferior.

Killer has long been regarded as a strong product strategist. It has attracted attention to technology and emerging companies, as evidenced by years of action on Amazon and all. This provides an exciting choice.

Hollywood is currently divided into two groups. One of the bottom line is that companies include Amazon or Apple or rich streaming packages (Disney and Netflix). The other (NBCUniversal, ViacomCBS) loves to join cool kids. They are spending billions on it. But they have no oceans in their hands and struggle with theater, digital, or both.

Jason Killer Job

Both NBCPicco or Viacom Paramon + are unregistered subscribers to a company like Apple – and they want those subscriptions. This long-term strategy makes it a victim of resource allocation. How do you spend what you don’t do? It is appealing to both companies as they try to bridge the gap between heritage entertainment and the consumer revolution.

That said, Peacock defeated former chief executive Kelly Campbell as president, so even though he wants promotion, he may not want to add another big name executive. Paramount + makes sense, even though VaccomBS president and CEO Zia Tom Ryan is the executive, and Paramont Pictures has hit Brian Robbins as the head of the digital suite.

Disney is not really a viable option – CEO Bob Chapeck’s team is mostly in place, and the Mouse House is likely to give Claire the autonomy he is accustomed to. Amazon and Apple will be interesting destinations. Amazon recently acquired MGM and may be interested in moving to the entertainment front under studio head Jennifer Salke. Apple has teamed up with content leaders Jamie Ehrlicht and Zack Van Amberg, but they don’t have the same muscle on the product strategy. Apple TV + is full of quality but lacks audience understanding. The ability to market, distribute and drive can utilize clarity. Unfortunately, Apple’s ecology has its own weaknesses.

If Killer fully returns to his technical roots, there are some interesting options.

“TikTok US? Maybe it’s a stream of music, ”said Guy. Such a thing should not happen, especially in Hollywood. If it has to be Hollywood or streaming, it could be DAZN. It does not come with some other streams, but it has many drawbacks. ”

DAZN was the only sports SVOD service to see a fall in US annual subscriptions from 2019 to 2020 as they followed a more global strategy. For low-end sports, there are still questions about value proposals about streams that target small but loving spectators. But as sports continue to shift from online TV to streaming, Killa is an attractive place to grow.

Jason Keller Warner Media Discovery
American Sports SVOD Subscriber Role. Antenna

Finally, he will have options if he chooses to. When the media is presented to consumers today, someone with a background and a track record will open up many opportunities, he said. “He has a strong sense of market volatility during difficult times. It is suitable for many companies. ”

What’s next for Warner Media CEO Jason Killer?  Forecast