Palatine, sick. ((Business WireNYSE: WEBR, a global leader in outdoor cooking, technology and products, has officially opened its European-based manufacturing and distribution center. Weber’s new BREEAM-certified Weber facility in Zabres, Poland, is improving its ability to meet the region’s rapidly growing production needs. Weber will celebrate the grand opening of this facility tomorrow, October 8, 2021, at 2:00 p.m.

Our new manufacturing and distribution center will be a milestone in Weber’s global expansion and growth in Europe, ”said Weber CEO Chris Schrzenger. “A key part of our growth plans is our “where-to-sell” strategy. This approach focuses on producing high quality Weber Barbecue products for our retail customers and consumers, improving delivery and service speed. We also have greater efficiency and a new level of flexibility in responding to and responding to local market dynamics and needs.

The center is the company’s first manufacturing facility outside the United States.

The Weber Group in Europe produces high-quality barbecue grills in an estimated 50,000 square feet[50,000 sq m]building. The center features the Weber Grill Academy Experience Center and several green spaces for team members to enjoy. The Webber Grill Academy Experience Center is a learning space for developing skills and skills that can be developed in person in dining rooms, interactive tables, private parties, and corporate team building events.

Despite the challenges of the global epidemic, we appreciate our production and supply chain teams for building and building this amazing institution, ”added Mr. Herzner. “Through innovative technologies such as virtual reality and innovative approaches, our local team in Poland has worked closely with our US manufacturing leaders to explore the construction of this facility and ensure that every square meter is narrowed to plant details. We would also like to thank the city of Zabreze and the Katovis Special Economic Zone for their support in this project.

Panatoni, a market leader in industrial real estate in Europe, has worked as a web developer at the company’s European manufacturing and distribution center.

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Headquartered, Webber Inc. in Palatin, IL, is the world’s leading barbecue product. When the company’s founder, George Stephen, invented the first charcoal roast about 70 years ago, he set up an outdoor cooking class. Weber offers a comprehensive, innovative product portfolio, including charcoal, gas, pellets and electric ovens, smokers and accessories, designed to help outdoor cooking enthusiasts get the most out of it. Earlier this year, the company launched Web Utility ™ Smart Utility and Technology to accelerate the development of technology and digital products. Weber delivers its barbecue grill and its accessories, services and experiences to a passionate community in 78 countries.

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