We all remember the ad Project Octopath Traveler. This square raised a lot of eyebrows for the classic code name and also for its amazing art style. The game was considered to have a new graphic style called HD-2D, with its characters and textures all based on spirit but with high resolution, modern lighting and effects. This alternative was, although later transferred to PC, a great return to the old school-style JRPG systems. What’s even more amazing is that the official name of the game is up to the end Octopus Traveler. Now, Kare has revealed the next game to use the HD-2D art style.

He reappeared under the title of work Project Triangle Strategy, We all thought that the last game could not use that name. However, we are here, and Triangular Strategy Next up is the name of this, more beautiful, tactical JRPG. Thanks to a display released in early 2021, and a year-round data slide, we know the latest game from a well-known JRPG developer. We strategically launched our attack and pulled out all the information on this exciting new IP, so here’s all we know Triangular Strategy.

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Official date

When the game is announced and still called Project Triangular Strategy, We were given a huge window of 2022 for release date. Thankfully, in September, during the Nintendo Directorate, we got the real title of the game and also a solid release date on March 4, 2022. We were surprised to see him come at the beginning of the year. There was a window.


A huge blue explosion on the bridge.

Like Octopus Traveler Before him, Triangular Strategy Nintendo Switch will be the only one. This is the only place where this game is currently being watched. However, if the similarities between these two games also lead to loneliness, there is a chance we will see Triangle Strategy Hit PCs about a year after launch, which will be the spring of 2023. Although everything refers to that, but until it becomes official, just take that as an estimate.


The last trailer gave us the final title in the September 2021 Nintendo Directorate Triangle Strategy Also released on March 4. It is a simple trailer featuring several pieces of character art under the narrative of the adventure. It goes beyond the metaphor, again highlighting HD-2D graphics, strategic, casual-based combat systems and dynamic narratives that change depending on your preferences.

Outside of this trailer, we learned about the decency of the setting Triangular Strategy. They play the heirloom of Beth Wolford, Serenowa, who are embroiled in a conflict between three warring nations. Like Serenova, you make choices about your history not only with your partners but also with the future of the entire country. The three nations include the Glenbuk Empire, the Assefrost Grand Duchi, and the pre-Hispanic Empire. The game was played after Assefrost threw Glenbruk and the Battle of Saltron began.

House Wolford is part of the Glenrock government, which means Serenowa’s own house was invaded. He was forced to flee the house. We anticipate that this adventure will take us to some extent in all three nations, and it will be up to the player to decide how the conflict between these three forces will finally be resolved.

Other confirmed characters Frederick Asefrost, the son of the king of Assefrost, was also engaged to Serenova. Izana Klinka is from Glerock Candle. She is from Medina, or from Wolverine, a doctor. Roland Glenbock is the second child of King Glennok and a childhood friend of Serenova. And there is so much more to create different characters in your party.

Game of Thrones

Two teams fighting on a bridge.

It pleased many people when it was revealed Triangular Strategy It was a game. Fans Final Fantasy Techniques They have been begging for the same series for years, and although this is not in the same series, it is a spiritual substitute for the strategic battle style for that game. If you do not know Final Fantasy Techniques, Fire logo games are a close comparison. You and your party each have their own weapons, HP with your enemies. , Skills, Statistics and all the basics of JRPG will be placed on a grid-based platform. From there, you can take turns by attacking, using objects, and using magic, and even some basic effects.

Each step costs a number of spin points or TPs that you can build. More intense activities will produce more TP, so saving is a strategic decision you have to make on the fly. Units also carry remote or long-distance devices, which is the main reason for the position. Obviously, a unit with a sword must be on the enemy’s side to attack them, but there is also a rear mechanic that can do more damage by hitting the enemy’s back. You can also inflict more damage by hitting an enemy between two units. On the other hand, remote sections have the advantage of being at higher altitudes.

Like fire logo games, Triangle Strategy It is not an apology game. You have to think carefully about every move you make, and if you want to survive, you have to leave every part of it. And be prepared for every battle to have a good time. Not only if you are careful, tactful, but also because the game itself is a bit slow. Once you have a better grip on the battlefield, there is an option to speed up the fight.

Although all of these characters are more useful than being allies in a war. As the trailers suggest, choice and consequences are just as important for a game as a battle Triangle Strategy. It is not clear whether at any point or part of the decision, it will be clear, but your party will reveal it before you make key choices to express your views and opinions. In other words, you do Trust Choices for your parties. Voting in the House is so important that some elections are held so that the whole party can decide what to do.

In these cases, you will have the opportunity to persuade the characters of your way of thinking through discussion choices. The more mature and educated you are about the world, the better options you will have to turn to other characters. The three moral dimensions that affect your behavior are utility, morality, and freedom, as your alignment, historical battles, character traits, and even any missions you can take will change.

All of this leads to a game that looks like a good, fleshy tactical RPG with lots of replay value.


Roland speaking in a palace hall.

There is no multiplayer component in it Triangle Strategy. The official details of the game confirm that this is a one-player game. Depending on the type of game he has, there are not many people who think there will be a multiplayer mode, but if you do, this is entirely a player experience.


Grid-based battle in the village of Microville.

No planned DLC Triangle Strategy As far as we know, there will be no significant increases once opportunities begin. This is the main reason we believe this Octopath Traveler, Did not do any DLC for that game because they believe it was a finished product built by the same team again. We assume you don’t want to change that Triangular Strategy And they give us the whole package from the beginning, which is perfectly fine with us.

pre order

A character throwing a flame shield on a bridge.

Pre-orders are live! You can keep your copy Triangular Strategy Directly from the Nintendo online store here. The game will cost you a full $ 60, but you can also use up to 300 points on it. There is a limited edition version of the game that comes with a metal book, playing cards, dice, posters and display boxes, but is currently only available in Europe. If this issue is available anywhere in the world, we will keep you updated here!

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