SUNNYVALE, California, August 03, 2021 (Globo Newsweire) – Transportation, Inc. (Nassak MTTT), today announced the appointment of Prety Vidianatan, the leading space information company to drive the world’s digital transformation. A product that guides the company’s product strategy and development globally.

“We are delighted to have Pretty joined our leadership team at this crucial time of the company’s growth,” said Jupiter Tulsi, chief technology officer at Transport. As we strive to make every building, every place more valuable and accessible, its developmental thinking and in-depth technology development and international customer base work teams are invaluable.

While accelerating the reach of millions of consumers, Vaidyanathan is unique in advancing technology platforms. Prior to joining Transport, she served as the Chief Product Officer at Slice, a food technology marketing platform, serving 16,000 free pizzas in 3,000 cities and more than 5 million consumers. During her tenure, Slice Accelerated Production will start digitally transforming local businesses to produce $ 1 billion in 2020.

Vidianatan was previously the chief product officer at Dipad, a global leader in strengthening digital branding to boost their digital marketing investment. She helped transform Tapad from a previously unprofitable management service to a profitable SaaS platform. During her tenure, Tapad received a 69% organic increase in international revenue, which led to the expansion of trade, consumption, and globalization. Prior to Tabad, Vaidyanathan also led production teams at McAfee, AppNexus, Medialets, Vibrant Media and Efficient Frontier.

“The desire to turn transportport buildings into information and make space information available to anyone and everyone is truly revolutionary,” Vidyatan said. In this exciting time, I look forward to helping shape the future of this technology.

Vidiantan is an active thinker as a member of the Forbes Agency Council and his work is published in Modern Retail, Marttech Consultant, Emarmarter, and Wall Street Journal. She is a regular industry speaker and conversationalist. As a consultant in the Women’s Advertising League, Vaidyanathan is passionate about advocating for women in technology. She holds a master’s degree in computer science from the University of California.

A.D. Established in 2011, the portfolio is a world-class space information platform built on a market-leading space information platform that transforms anywhere into real and immersive digital twins. To this day, hundreds of thousands of customers around the world have delivered more than five million online platforms to access, manage and use them more efficiently. The company has expanded its market access beyond residential real estate to include multi-family and commercial real estate; Architecture, engineering and construction; Retail; Insurance and rehabilitation; Travel and hospitality; And resource management. Transportation operates primarily under a recurring revenue SaaS model, and by 2020 it has grown its customer base by more than 500%.

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Transport, Inc. is leading the digital transition to the developed world. To make almost every location more valuable and accessible, our topography converts buildings into a data center. In more than 150 countries, millions of buildings have been transformed into immersive Matterport digital twins to improve every building life cycle, from planning, construction and operation to documenting, evaluating and marketing. Learn more at And explore a Digital Twin Gallery.

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