The strong 13-year-old in the United States is growing up to aspire to the Olympics

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Evans, an eighth-grader at Madison Park Academy in East Oakland, is making his Olympic debut. He will be 20 years old.

Now Evans must be the strongest 13-year-old in the United States. His recent performance at the U.S. National Weightlifting Championships in Detroit, where he won three gold medals and raised every 13-year-old – including some around 80 pounds – has only strengthened the confidence of Americans that he is gaining weight. ፡ Searching Renaissance.

When the Tokyo Olympics open on Friday, American weightlifting boasts the biggest team in 25 years: a maximum of four men and four women. Some hope that the team, which has not played for more than 20 years since winning six medals in Rome in 1960, will enjoy the most successful summer games in the USA.

This is a growing trend for sports. The United States has increased its membership in the weightlifting group by more than 11,000 to 27,000 after sending only three heavyweights to the 2012 London Olympics. And that only applies to those who attend meetings. In recent years, cross-country fitness, including Olympic lifts, has exposed millions of people to the sport.

In the women’s weightlifting event, Evans, at the age of 13 and under, in the Auckland, California, USA, won the Olympic weightlifting title.

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Evans’ training partner, Anelise Cabera, In 2017, as an 11-year-old, in front of the judges, she began raping and cleaning the two lifts of the Olympic weightlifting. School year with her mother in CrossFit gyms. A year later, she won gold for her age group in the nations.

Now at Union City, a 15-year-old at James Logan High School, Kabrara is a driving force behind Evans’ success. For two hours, three or four times a week, the two trains traded words of encouragement as Jim tried to grow up at the high-speed gym near Oakland’s Fravale.

On Wednesday afternoon, a 5-foot-9, 139-pound Evans Cabare watered Gatoraden in a nearby chair and rolled his small palms around a metal bar. In one of the liquid movements, Evans knelt down and lifted 110 pounds on his head, and small limestones fell to the floor under his feet.

She described the 5-foot-7, 127-pound “good job,” and took the last swing before preparing to lift 100 pounds.

Mike Jenkins, the two young coaches’ speed force, calls it a “day of light.”

In less than three weeks, Evans presented one of the nation’s most iconic figures. His lifters lifted the bar and lifted it from their heads in one movement, weighing 145 pounds. A very complex clean and jerky-lifting movement that allows him to lift his weight to his shoulders before lifting his weight up to 176 pounds.

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