Amsterdam- (Business WireAmplitude, Digital Improvement System, today announced the launch of an EPT Partner, Industry-First Program, which brings together more than 40 founding partners to help customers accelerate and streamline digital transformation and product innovation strategies.

“Today, businesses have two options: be digital disruptive or digital disruptive. Digital products are now the center of innovation agenda, and it seeks new approaches and solutions to facilitate and accelerate value creation. ” “Every ecosystem brings together a network of partners at the forefront of digital disruption to make it easier to build the right digital strategies and change experiences. We look forward to working with and expanding our partner network to assist our clients on their digital journeys.

By joining the Amplified Partner ecosystem, partners will have access to a variety of resources and benefits, including Amplifier Technicians, training and certification programs, joint sales and marketing opportunities, making construction and delivery of solutions to customer problems easier than ever. Developing new business opportunities. More than 40 ecologists have joined as founding members with the aim of adding new partners on an ongoing basis. Two categories of partners include:

Solution partners; Amplts partners with a network of global systems managers, consultants and digital agencies to provide business transformation strategy, best practices and technology implementation support. Member solution partners include Accenture, Converteo, Phiture and ConsultMyApp.

Technology compounds; The ecosystem incorporates technology integrations into 16 software categories to build and deliver “end-to-end” customer engagement processes. A sample of member integration partners includes the following

  • Market automation – integrations with marketing technologies, including Brexit, Airport, and Variability, help marketing teams more targeted, personalized campaigns, and understand how campaign engagement acts as a measure of business retention and loyalty.

  • Attribution: Amplitude integrates feature technologies, including Branch, AppsFlyer, and Singular, to integrate feature data with feature data and facilitate market return on investment.

  • Client Data Platform (CDP) – Amplify integrates with CDPs, including segment and mParticle, to help product and analytics teams easily access data in CDP for quick access to insights.

Thanks to our team of certified consultants, we are delighted to be at the heart of the Diplomacy Product Strategy to provide information and behavioral analytics to Amplist customers. There is Pierre-Adrian Layer, leading analysts at Converteo.

“Amphitheater is a wonderful partner and an integral part of the growth ecosystem. They have an amazing product and the team here in Perch is well aware of it. Phiture brings expertise in information management, product intelligence and growth marketing, while Amplit brings excellent vision solutions that integrate well with other tools in the market and keep pace with the ever-evolving market. ” Andy Carvel, partner and co-founder of Purchase Mobile Development, said.

Today, Amplts also connects businesses to digital product innovation with business products and asks, “How do our digital products drive our business?” To answer the strategic question, he unveiled the industry’s first digital optimization system, a unified system.

To learn more about the Amplitude Digital Optimization Ecosystem and to join the Amplitude Partner program, visit:

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Amplitude is a digital optimization system. Developed by the proprietary Amplitude feature graph, digital optimization systems allow organizations to translate and predict which combination of behaviors and actions to translate into business products – from loyalty to life value – and based on these insights to tailor each experience in real time. Amplitude is the brain behind more than 1,000 enterprise customers and more than 45,000 digital products out of Fortune 100, “How do our digital products drive our business?” Helps them be quick and smart by answering the strategic question. Learn more at