Teachers’ interest in growing market expansion and attracting a growing workforce population has seen the Commonwealth launch a dedicated digital-first banking product this month.

Teachers’ Common Bank Digital Bank Officer Caroline Murphy said CMO The team strives to be a pioneer in developing technical skills for its members.

By 2020, it will give us the opportunity to implement changes in our business strategy without affecting digital influences and acceleration, existing membership base and ecosystem. “Weaver aims to further increase market penetration in terms of assets and deposits, enabling us to significantly improve our time to serve our members and reduce the cost of services by combining digital and simplicity. It is a simple service proposal that works every time. ”

Supporting Hiver is a key technological advancement, Murphy said, adding that the business has helped eliminate some of the legacy and complexity behind traditional banking. Hiwru offers digital shipping capabilities, as well as a variety of marketing and economical ideas. It is also offering a 1 percent rebate on transactions and transportation, designed to return important employees to their banking transactions.

Heaver also plans to introduce digital card issuance in the near future with credit offers, including personal and car loan products.

Hiver now sits next to the Teachers’ Common Bank alongside other industry-leading brands – Firefighters Common Bank, Health Professional Bank, Teachers Common Bank and Unibank. The 55-year-old joint venture has more than 210,000 members and $ 9 billion in assets.

However, unlike other industry-specific products, Murphy Heaver said it is designed to support all important work groups as a digital-first bank.

We look forward to seeing the 18-35-year-old demographic, who is well-versed in technology and mobile phones and plans to make more progress than the traditional conservative bank. “Weaver is still focused on important employees, but it also plays a role in young people who do not feel the same way about branch fingerprints and seek new technologies and self-help services.

“We have tried to build a brand around simple and time-consuming services and make it real-time and easy.

Building a brand from scratch