Content from the movie theater and the days of Camcord at the intersection has come a long way.

The advent of digital distribution strategies and the acceleration of web speeds in the last decade and a half have created a completely different issue. VPNs And in the meantime, the practical sciences of privacy have helped people hide their hatred by practicing online.

In response to Kiron Sharp, head of the anti-bandit group FACT, the fashion panorama complex requires a new strategy. In the past, all illegal websites were prosecuted, but now the main focus is trying to stop and disrupt them.

“When you look back in the mid-2000s, it is night and day, because every professional and illegal panorama will continue,” Sharpe said. TechRadar Professional.

“Video streaming has made a difference, especially in the hobby business, but it has certainly made life easier for criminals. It has also changed the general public perception of terrorism. It is difficult to persuade people to commit illegal acts in the absence of physical production.

Pirate barrier measurements can be difficult for FACT to find the best location to capture the source. Sharp says, however, that the technique is to continue to use stress and to dress offenders with “tolerance” – and that there is activity on the customers of stolen content.

Non-victim crime?

The standard for material piracy is that it is a harmless crime. Production corporations and Hollywood stars have the potential to make less money, the debate goes on. Others rob robbers of their wealth and give it to the poor.

Sharp has heard this story over and over again in FACT over the past 17 years, and one of them dismisses it as false. Individuals who are defeated by pirates are not wealthy actors and executives, but everyone is fair.

“The amount of money a movie or television set costs to produce is appreciated by thousands and thousands,” he said. “Therefore, if manufacturing corporations are unwilling to take a risk reduction due to piracy, these types of products are not readily available. His followers will eventually be patient. ”

At high risk are those who have “normal” jobs in the business – sound engineers, digital camera operators, developers and so on. In most cases, these people depend on the unusual salary of a flexible company, but financial estimates create more distrust.

Sharp was skeptical that he would be held accountable for inciting broadcasters and various business players to take part in his own business. “Broadcasters can say that the pricing is commensurate with the cost of production,” he said.

Probably a factor as to why they’re doing so poorly. As long as people Guess They spend all their money on hobbies and hobbies, and the pirate really stays in touch with the man.

The forgotten danger

Moral questions about piracy, often overlooked, have the potential for end-customers to find themselves in a safe environment.

In response to the security company Webroot, cybercriminals often use illegal streams and websites to distribute them. Malware And fish for personal data. And no matter how intelligent or experienced the user is, there is no way to avoid this security risk.

“Owners of illegal streaming sites are looking for a way to generate revenue and are therefore happy to sell their advertising space on their sites,” says Kelvin Murray, a senior webmaster.

“This allows attackers to take such a position to set up links and pop-ups that pose a serious security risk to users.

Malware infection

(Image credit: fizkes / Shutterstock)

The types of threats posed by pirate sites are many and varied, ranging from malware and Redeemer To phishing and bank fraud. Crypto hacking campaigns are also reported to be gaining popularity this year as a result of the crypto boom.

Long and short, says Murray, it is impossible to stay safe on illegal websites because their operators are not encouraged to put any common structures on the site to protect visitors from attacks.

Although Webroot does not support the use of illegal streaming websites, it says that a few red flags in general, including pop-ups, multiple directions and queries, should be known to web users Browser Changing settings.

We recommend that users update and hire their software and operating system when browsing any web site. Anti-virus And anti-phishing detection, and double-check any links before you click, especially if they provide what looks best to the truth, Murre added.

That said, even the best anti-virus law enforcement in the world does not protect consumers from criminal content when there is an explosion.

He is taking action

Historically, while pirate websites and illegal rivers have been protected from legal action, people who use pirate content have often gone unpunished.

In recent months, for example, Fact b Arrest and prosecution Many people illegally promote or deliver content to premium channels and sports activities, but in these cases there is no promotion for potential customers.

However, Sharp says he is on a horizon that could affect events on both sides of the aisle. Naturally, he could not give any details, but he promised that something was in his work.

“We want to educate people first,” he said. “They have to realize that they are spending cash in the hands of criminals. Industries are failing to pay and there are security risks.”

However, individuals who continue to use illegal websites should be aware that sanctions are effective. Past Warnings: There has never been a marketing campaign targeting individuals who consume content illegally – but it is certainly coming.

It is hard not to wonder if the tone of the matron and the swing of the finger have moved from time to time. In any case, some people love violence, especially when they think they are fleeing. This time, however, Sharp warned: “It’s not an empty threat.”