Drinking spirits market expected to surpass wine in US by end of 2021, IWSR forecasts2018-05-01.

WATERLOO, ON / AUGUST 10, 2021 / SponsorsOne Inc. , (CSE: SPO) (Frankfurt 5SO), (OTC: SPONF), A company that uses a proprietary platform that combines digital marketing, wholesale and retail distribution, branding and operational and financial capital to accelerate its proprietary brands in the alcohol, beverage and hemp sectors. , Republican National Distribution Company (‘RNDC’)

“This is another milestone in the development of our national distribution strategy, especially in reaching all major national retailers,” said Mills Bertolome, CEO of SponsorsOne. RTD is one of the fastest growing markets in the spirit realm, and we continue to see great demand in Doc Wilder. Analysts expect RTDs to gain 22% of the total alcohol consumption in the United States by 2025 from 9.6%.2 Share now, and we intend to be a part of this extra.

RNDC, which calls itself a ‘distribution force’3, Is one of the country’s largest distributors of wine and spirits. With their online application, eRNDC, a central introduction to new product configuration, features and key services, they provide 24/7 product search, fulfillment and account management by enabling their efficient customer management tools to maximize value-added, sales driving activities. eRNDC improves and streamlines customer and supplier relationships while enhancing existing sales team performance, customer service, distribution and product experience.

Renddis, the world’s largest distributor of fine wines and spirits in North America, has Alabama, Arizona, California, Colorado, District of Columbia, Florida, Georgia, Indiana, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maryland, Michigan, Mississippi, Nebraska, New Operation. Mexico, North Carolina, North Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma, South Carolina, South Dakota, Texas, Virginia and West Virginia.

RNDC will begin distributing Doc Wilder in California.

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About the Republic National Distribution Company
Random is one of the country’s largest distributors of wine and spirits, with roots in the ground before the ban. As the preferred partner for alcoholic beverages that value three-tier systems, the RNDC serves as a product development and product specialist liaison between suppliers and suppliers of alcohol. Customer service, product knowledge and performance are the hallmarks of our sustainable success. We understand the unique needs of our customers and consumers by closely following emerging market trends. Our knowledge of the process of alcohol production and craftsmanship raises our interest in the art of selling lifestyle products.

For more information: https://www.rndc-usa.com/

About SponsorsOne Inc.
SponsorsOne is a leader in the next generation of brand creation and digital marketing, in the form of impact-based marketing, storytelling and digital-commerce on the Sponsors Corporation platform and the highly scalable: digital contract. Combined, this allows brands to build and manage the most influential and influential communities in the state (from profile to micro-impact). The SponsorCoin platform offers informative marketing campaigns that change the way brands interact with their customers. SponsorCoin is a tool for brands to inspire real action around their products and services. Their most valuable customers will be their best sellers by producing a much higher ROI than the current social media advertising methods. SponsorsOne, a fully owned subsidiary, SponsorsOne Media Inc. , Provides full creative and product development / management services for all of our brands and manages influential communities for each brand. To make the brand bigger, our fully owned subsidiary S1 Brands Inc. S1 provides a wide range of national wholesale distributors and retailers on behalf of the brand and provides procurement financing to assist in the execution of each order. Premier Beverage Consortium LLC, a privately owned subsidiary, is a brand name for the “Spirit Drinks” brand of the World Spirit Market. Brand ownership, combined with distribution, digital marketing innovation and capital, is a winning formula for building the next billion dollars. To learn more, please visit www.sponsorsone.com

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