Direct marketing and data agency, Spondon, will launch a special data engine to help brands improve their website’s redevelopment efforts.

Lead Direct Marketing and Information Agency Stadium announced today that Intelligence has started its rehabilitation production. The solution is to help market visitors return mail directly to visitors. Unlike other redesign solutions, Speed ​​uses a proprietary data engine powered by consumer transaction data to score each gob score. This ensures that advertisers are not expensive, one size fits all approach. Instead, they grow up wisely, reaching out to the best in their personal message, and ultimately raising their ROI.

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Sales and Marketing Specialization SPP “Every day, we help advertisers launch successful direct communication strategies. But direct mail can quickly become expensive without accurate information. Other providers are voice-focused. We focus on results. Our intelligent redesign solution helps you mail the most responsive users. This approach means that brands will keep their CPA low and their ROIs high, and keep the overall game changer, ”added Paul.

According to Marketo, an average of 96% of visitors to the website are not ready to make a purchase when they arrive. To combat this, advertisers are relying on digital rehabilitation. But with banner advertising and banning advertising, it is proving to be a powerful way for brands of direct redevelopment to stand out with their physical, unforgettable experience. In fact, In a 2021 US Postal Service (USS) study, it would take time to look at 88% of the millennium to see if nothing is needed. Direct mail is the most effective traditional, yet tried and true method.

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Speedeon’s Intelligent Retargeting Solution can be a powerful, all-encompassing strategy for direct responders because

– Easy to get started – Re-launching an intelligent upgrade program is easy to post an account on your website and make sure users are given proper notification and preference.
– Fast turnaround – Reaching users on time is key. Speedeon’s data processing capabilities mean you’re still in your inbox.
– Optimized – Two gob visitors are not the same. So why should they have the same treatment? Speedeon Modeling Engine, driven by industry-based, integrated marketing data, helps us identify your most promising prospects so that you can invest your dollars only in those contacts.
– Personalization – A go itor can help you target, suppress and personalize messaging based on a variety of information points, depending on whether you are a current, past or future customer.
– Analyzed baked – Using unique product information sources, brands offer competitive edge that reduces market costs and promotes better personalization.
– Top-notch agency career: At Speedeon, brands do not have to go alone. We not only provide the information, but our agency team is here to help with strategy, innovation, mailing processes and measurement wherever they want to fill a gap.

Leading advertisers are seeing success with advertiser redesign.

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