Nashville, Tenn., August 13, 2021 / PRNewswire-PRWeb / -BehaVR, a digital therapeutic company that uses the power of virtual reality to relieve anxiety, anxiety and fear, announced today. Shannon Mackin Hopper He joined the company as Chief Strategy and Product Officer. Builds the next generation of feedback loopholes needed to facilitate product development, customer experience, operations and data science hopper growth and strategic market expansion.

We are pleased that Shannon has joined this important leadership role in helping our country address the most important mental health care needs. Aaron Ghani, Founder and CEO of BehaVR. We are dealing with a record of anxiety, fear and depression and there are very few medical professionals to address this. Shannon’s vision, emotions, and record in digital health help us overcome barriers to more accessible and sustainable care.

Hooper joins BehaVR with experience in organizational strategy, growth and financial leadership for both startups and Fortune 100 companies. Most recently, she spent ten years at the award-winning ReviveHealth; Nashville– Healthcare Strategy and Marketing Agency. While there, she served in various capacities, including Chief Development Officer, Interim Chief Financial Officer, and Health Technology Practice Leader. She joined Rivin-Health, a joint venture between Intel Corporation and General Electric, where she was part of a start-up team to build the brand’s new brand and global marketing strategies. Hooper accepted her MBA Duke University Fuku School Her business as a Fukuoka scholar. She is a graduate of the Nashville Health Care Council Partnership Program.

“We are in the midst of a new era in which new technologies and immersive media are opening up new ways to effectively deal with the mental health epidemic,” says Hooper. “This crossroads of innovation, medical efficiency and technology innovation is already changing people’s lives. I am thrilled to have joined a group of passionate people who want to make a difference – there is no place more exciting and influential than there is today.

BehaVR is a new type of digital medicine company dedicated to dealing with stress-related challenges and disorders. Its mission is to rethink how people reach and practice care, improving health in moderation.

With the country’s leading academies, research institutes and pharmaceutical companies such as Sumitomo-Dinipon Pharmaceuticals; Jones Hopkins University, Hog Women BehaVR uses the power of VR to communicate, diagnose, treat and improve how people communicate, diagnose, and move. The company works with leading clinical domain experts to translate proven evidence-based protocols into engaging and immersive VR programs.

BehaVR’s stress, anxiety and panic disorder (SAFE) protocol for every immersive, evidence-based product. SAFE builds a strong foundation for short-term resilience and long-term resilience tools: giving people agency more than their own health, and producing value, change and better clinical outcomes for all stakeholders in the health care system.

BehaVR’s board of directors and scientific advisors include leading researchers and officials in the fields of behavioral neuroscience and medical virtual knowledge technology, including Walter Greenleaf, PhD, Savior Hoffman, PhD, Adrian Lou, PT, PhD, and Amelia Aldoo, P. Visit for more information.

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