Johnson & Johnson has unveiled a new travel retail-oriented content-for-business strategy to accelerate the expansion of Derma-Cosmetics brand D.C.Labo.

Dr. C. Labo’s ‘Science for Sale’ presentation was named in the Mudius Travel Digital Award at the Virtual Travel Retail Exhibition.

Innovative digital content strategy has been developed with major retailers in Asia Pacific travel retail, including China Tax Free Group, Lottery Free, Sheila Duty Free and Shinsegai Duty Free. The initial response to the strategy was positive as he continued to participate and change. In particular, it was effective on the Chinese duty-free social media platform, which saw a + 600% increase in sales in 2020.

Johnson & Johnson Consumer Health Asia Pacific Head Albinus Saw, Retail Marketing and Travel Retail Business Manager.

Dr. Chi La Labo is a science fiction novel at the heart of our content-for-business strategy that helps consumers engage positively in every touch.

The strategy, which emphasizes the scientific success of the brand, has received a positive response from major APAC travel retailers, which has made it one of the best e-commerce categories in Modi.

Dr. C. Labobo’s content-for-business strategy was developed in collaboration with Johnson and Johnson’s Research and Development Unit. From Dr. C. Lab Effectiveness shines a light on the science behind claimants and displays products that make skincare science fun and accessible.

In the midst of the crisis, the strategy is designed to accelerate online sales. A recent M1nd-set survey found that 53% of travelers are more willing to shop online and pick up their passengers when they arrive at the airport. According to the study, 62% of Chinese tourists prefer eCommerce over travel retail.

Content-to-Business Strategy Displays a list of specially designed product pages for each of Dr.Ci: Lab’s Heroes products. Each page emphasizes the effectiveness of each scientifically supported line. The brand has also partnered with healthcare professionals and dermatologists to test its products and produce reliable and informative digital content. Dr. C. Labobo tapped KOL on Chinese beauty and lifestyle to sample, practice and be a true supporter of his products.

Selling Science: Product Details Sheds light on the scientifically supported effectiveness of Dr. Sila Laan. The strategy is to increase Dr.Ci: Lab sales on CDFG platforms by + 600% by 2020.

Digital content is available in a variety of languages ​​that are suitable for different marketing seasons. It can be expanded on many social platforms, including WeChat, Weibo, LittleRedBook and TikTok / Douyin.

“A renewed content-for-business strategy has helped Dr. C. Labora to dominate production and scientifically, Dorman’s testimonies: key buyers for Chinese buyers to drive effective buyers, educational content, and effective relationships with Chinese consumers.

As the entire travel retail industry shifts to a more digital-first approach, we rely on our easy-to-move digital content that allows us to target a variety of platforms and leverage at key trading times throughout the year.

Content-for-business strategy can be exchanged with expert opinion, KOL support, multilingual and various Chinese social-marketing platforms