Saurabh Goenka: Helping organizations with only good digital transformation strategies

The impact of modern technology on businesses cannot be overstated. From manufacturing, retail and healthcare to pharmaceutical, logistics, and transportation, every industry is working in a world where information is now needed to integrate disruptive technologies through digital transformation. With advanced technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, IOT, RIP, Information Science and Robots, technology is less of a choice and more important. Increases efficiency and lowers operating costs, motivates business leaders to compete.

To assist organizations in the journey of digital transformation, MindMap Digital is a digital transformation optimization service and consulting firm. The company assists its customers by quickly reviewing modern digital work, reviewing digital maturity processes, and supporting sustainable and flexible end-to-end transformation RPA, analytics, and II.

Saurabh Goenka is the co-founder and CEO of MindMap Digital. A chartered accountant and digital transformation specialist with over ten years of experience in accounting automation, process improvement, digital transformation and strategic management, he has worked on a number of process transformation initiatives for large organizations. In addition to helping organizations promote and transform digital transformation, he will share this knowledge on digital transformation at numerous conferences and industry events.

Known as an expert on digital transformation solutions, Southwest has developed a special framework called the RPA Opportunity Qualification System, which helps to create a faster and more accurate method for mining and identify potential processes for any organization. It can be changed and modified automatically using AI and RPA. This framework is copyrighted and is based on a basic algorithm that evaluates more than 2,000 different processes in a wide range of industrial and functional environments. This algorithm will help any organization that wants to get into the process automation by getting a very accurate hawk eye view of the organization’s overall automation capabilities.

Innovation that meets industry needs

Today, the epidemic industry has a strong desire to automate processes to ensure business continuity and reduce operating costs. Like Southampton, the biggest roadblock for any company planning to enter the automation world is to evaluate which processes / businesses should be automated. Typically, an organization spends from $ 20,000 to $ 100,000 in the overall evaluation process for a medium enterprise business over a 6-8 month period to create an evaluation report.

Using the ROQS framework using MindMaps Digital, the same can be achieved in the cost and time segment: most reviews are no more than 3-4 weeks at the enterprise level. This will significantly change the automated game in which organizations can accelerate their RPA review.

A package of innovations, benefits and opportunities

The South ROQS framework accelerates process evaluation for RPA and automation potential and provides accurate first-time evaluation reports along with tangible construction ROI benefits that can be used to prioritize business potential digital transformation opportunities. It helps to provide high quality and low visibility for all automation projects in the organization and acts as a general automation charter for any organization.

The brains behind creativity

According to Sourbach, Mindmap Digital is available in BFSI, Manufacturing, Telecom, RTG. , Has created a very rich team of practitioners with a wide range of industry professionals, including healthcare, pharmacy, consultant and IT. Team strength is key to bringing years of consulting and transformation experience.

Southwest has also established numerous partnerships with startups and mid-range players focused on being part of a larger ecosystem focused on major digital transformation equipment suppliers as well as RPA, AI, Blockchain and analytics.

Its growth and recognition

MindMap Digital’s ROQS framework has earned industry recognition, helping the company secure many more customers and industry veterans around the world. The invention also helped MindMap Digital identify itself as a process transformation and automation expert. For its successful innovation, the company recently awarded the top 10 RPA consulting firm in India.

Southwest has also created a large digital skills academy in the form of MindMap Education and is working on the EdTech platform to provide at least 1 million users a world-class, affordable and workable digital skills environment each year. 2022

In addition, he facilitated accounting and compliance management for SMS and MMS SMS to simplify back office processes. MindMap has been successful in serving enterprise customers and now aims to bring the same quality of automation services to the masses.