Reality + Top 50 Marketing Minds and Rewards on Real Platform 2021 August 12, 2021 It was not a big deal with sales and marketing professionals from all over India who joined the knowledge-sharing discussions and happy evening all day. .

In his opening remarks, Dr. Anurag Batra, Editor-in-Chief and Chairman of Exchange4media Group & BusinessWorld Description, “Marketing is not just about communication, it is about more important products and people. Marketing and technology are coming together to make a big impact on the real estate sector and this is the future.

The first panel discussion of the day“Marketing for Success – Real Estate Future Map”Led by Sunil Mishra, Chief Strategy, ANAROCK Team and CEO – TRESPECT had prominent speakers – Jay R. Chandani, Director – Marketing, Pacific Companies, Rajab Dash, Head – Sales & Marketing, SD Corporation, Shapogiji Group, Sanjay Kumar Jarwal, Media Marketing Prestig Estate Projects Limited; Samarajit Mishra, Head – Strategy and Marketing – Housing, Brigade Enterprises Limited; Sukania Das Gu Pta, Director, Marketing and Communication, Collectors, Sumet Cuncarre, Chief Marketing Officer, Sobha Limited. The panel was unanimously convinced that digital marketing is the future of real estate, and we see that more thoughtful leaders than corporations, as ambassadors of corporate brands, bring honesty and sincerity into marketing and product relationships.

The second panel discussion of the day, “Social Media Marketing Game Book – Insights and Strategies” It was in the middle Vikram Kotinis Managing Director, Sell.Do & Amura Marketing Technologies. Join him, including some caring speakers Amit Chand, Main Shopping, Adani Realty (Gujarat), Amit Kumar Gelot, Founder and CEO,, Kaizad Hateria, By Rustomjee Developers Brand Manager and Chief Customer Service Officer, Dr. Kunal Banner, Marketing Consultant, Smart World Developers, Mohit Mishra, Chief Marketing Officer – Office Business at DLF Limited, Sidara Sodo, Head – Marketing and Corp com, Gauss Group. The speakers agreed on the need for a coordinated approach to social media marketing. The content is king and the story attracts potential customers. For non-tech consumers, email marketing, SMS and Whatsapp marketing will continue to be very effective.

Next panel discussion at“Real Sales & Marketing – The New Template”He was a Pancake collector Coat, Founder and Managing Director, LiasesForas Real Estate Rating & Research Pvt. Ltd. And the speakers were Ibrahim Sharif, Vice President – Sales & Marketing, Barti City Developers Plc. Jajit Menon, Director – Sales, Marketing and CRM, Shriram Assets Ltd. Renu Singh, President Sales & Marketing, Spice Group, Shivani Karia Jahari, CMO, Blocks Sumit Lakani, Chief Marketing Officer of Arfis Space Solutions, Dr. Vishch Rawat, Vice President – Sales and Marketing, M2K Group. The experts discussed sales conditions and recovery plans in all real estate units. Even now, they have a great deal of enthusiasm for customers, and they are optimistic about the future. There are also specialized skills in real-world sectors such as collaboration, managed offices and residences in business, residential developers focusing on their home grass, and new product launches in Level 2 and III cities were some of the trends that had a significant impact on technology platforms. Property sales and marketing.

The final panel discussion of the day “Redesigning offline sales – for a new standard design” It was in the middle Zahed Mahmoud, Director, Silverline Realty Plc. , Board Member, BRA-I, Regional Director, CIRIL. And it was the speakers Adil Altaf, Senior Vice President of Sales and Customer Service, Raheja Developers Ltd. Alok Gupta. Graphics Update Director, Jaish Rhodod, Director, Guardian Real Estate Advisor, Suedep Bahat, President and Head of State – Sales, M3M India. The negotiator believed that happy customers would bring a referral business, so any marketing initiative should be followed by the customer’s central efforts. How you treat a customer is more important than making a purchase. In terms of advertising, targeted messages are currently working better,

He will end the day on a high place,Realty + Top 50 Marketing Mind Awards 2021 ” On a virtual stage, they saw 50 winners showing up on a red carpet. There was a great deal of energy and excitement as the members of the Referees joined in directly to share their thoughts and experiences in the judicial process.

Real + Top 50 Marketing Mind Award 2021 Winners

  1. Aji Isaac Matthew, Co-Founder and CEO, Indus Net Texhu
  2. Alok Gupta, Director, Graphics
  3. We can’t, GM – Marketing, M3M India
  4. Ashwini humanity, AVP – Marketing, Bagmane Developers Plc. Limited
  5. Atul Desay, Executive Director and CEO, Prism Johnson Limited
  6. Cherry Dougra, Head – Marketing, Amar India
  7. Drag Kumar, VP – Marketing, Trehan IRIS
  8. Complete Hardwaj, Head of Marketing and Communication, Raheja Developers Limited
  9. HC Mario Schmidt, Managing Director, Lingel Windows and Doors Technologies Plc. Limited
  10. Gayatri Kunte, AVP – Marketing, limited by KoltePatil developers
  11. Govin Ray, Founder and CEO, Insomniacs
  12. Gunjan Goel, Director – Corporate Relations, Goel Gangga Development
  13. Hares Pralhad Motirale, Founder – Director, Brandy
  14. Harish Shiroff, Director – Sales, Marketing and Business Development, Niati Group
  15. Ibrahim Sharif, VP – Residential Sales & Marketing, Barti City Developers Plc
  16. Jajit Menon, Director: Sales, Marketing and CRM, Shrim features
  17. Jay Chandani, Director – Marketing, Pacific Companies
  18. Jianta Baruwa, Responsible – Marketing and Communications, Signature Global
  19. Jaish Rhodod, Joint MD, Marketing and Production Strategy, Guardians Real Estate Consultant
  20. Kazal Shah, AVP – Transaction, VTP Team
  21. Kiron Dinshaw, Auto – Brands, Pyramidal Real
  22. Laxman Tarry, Head – Brand and Communication, Legend India
  23. Loving Ragaviv, Head – Branding (Gray Cement Business), JK Cement Limited
  24. Malikica Rawal, General Manager: Marketing, Hero Realty Plc. Limited
  25. Manish Portal, Managing Director, Alchemist
  26. Manjusri Manilal, General Manager – Sales & Marketing, HM Team
  27. Myank Singh, Founder, Carrie Realty
  28. Mohit Mishra, Head of Marketing – Office Business, DLF Ltd.
  29. Namrata Mehra, Head of Design, Marketing and Customer Center, Vicroli; Leading CSR and Sustainability, Godridge Assets
  30. NetranandPatnayak, DGM – Marketing, Cyber ​​City Builders
  31. Niraj Rangata, Head – Marketing, Wadwa Group
  32. Dr. Nietzsche Kumar, Managing Director and CEO, Emami Realty
  33. Polomi Ray, Deputy General Manager – Marketing, Alfacor Development Plc. Limited
  34. Rajab Kumar Dash, VP – Sales & Marketing, Shapoorgipalonlonji
  35. Rohit Mahaver Meta, Director, Svamitva Group
  36. Sartak woman, Vice President and CMO, Tata Realty and Infrastructure
  37. Shilja Raj Chopra, General Manager – Marketing and Brand Relations, Great White Global Plc. Limited
  38. Shreyansh Baid, Founder and CEO, Shreyansh Innovations
  39. Shruti Kawsik agrawal, Assistant Vice President, TATA Realty & Infrastructure Infrastructure Ltd.
  40. Sidhar Sod, Head – Marketing and Corporate Relations, Gaurs Group
  41. Samaritan Mishra, Head – Marketing and Strategy, Brigade Team
  42. Sukanya Dasgupta, Director – Marketing and Communication, Collectors
  43. SumeetChunkhare, Chief Marketing Officer, Sobha Limited
  44. Uzma Irfan, Director Corporate Communication Prestig State Projects Limited
  45. Vikram Kotnis, MD & CEO, Amura Marketing Technologies
  46. Visual Doshi, MRICS, Vice President – Chief Sales and Marketing, Rajesh Life Gaps
  47. Vishar Sharma, Director – Sales & Marketing, Raymond Limited
  48. VisheshRawat, Vice President and Head – Sales & Marketing, M2K India
  49. Vyoma Pandit, Co-founder, Flower Realty
  50. Yashdep Singh, Main Partner and Manager – Marketing, Square Squares

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