Howard, California – ((Business Wire(Pulse Biosciences, Inc.)® Micel E. Levinson has been appointed as the new Chief Strategy Officer. Board of Directors of Biology.

As a board member and veteran of the medical equipment industry, Mitch’s insights have benefited him in the field of biology for more than five years, he said. Pulse Biosciences. As we accelerate the development of our skincare business and expand to a number of specialized companies by expanding our existing CellFX CloudConnect platform, we are thrilled to add it to our executive team at this crucial time. We believe Mitch has a unique ability to lead our expansion efforts with his vast experience and skills.

Mr. Levinson has experience in developing and developing new medical technologies in a wide range of medical fields, including dermatology, wound care, surgery, diagnostics, otolaryngology, microbiology, neurology, OB / GYN, patient care and digital health. Most recently, he served as co-executive director of Cerebrotech Medical Systems, where he led the development of the novel Brain Control. Mr. Levinson was acquired by Allergan in 2017 as the first employee and CEO of Celtic Statistics, CoolSculpting. Mr. Levinson currently sits on the board of directors of several medical technology start-ups. He is the inventor of the much-awaited American patent in the 50’s. Mr. Levinson holds a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering from the University of San Diego, California, and a master’s degree in computer systems from the University of Phoenix.

“As one of the foremost board members of Plece Bioscience, I have had the privilege of working closely with the Board and its management over the years to develop our company’s strategy and vision for our highly specialized and proprietary NPS technology.” , Director of Biology and Chief Strategic Officer. I am confident that we will be able to provide more safe and effective medical intervention to improve patient care and address. Incomplete needs for health care providers. ”

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Pulse Biosciences is a fictional bioelectric therapy company that has the potential to improve the quality of life for patients. The company’s proprietary nano-pulse stimulation technology saves nano-cells from nearby cells and delivers nano-seconds of electrical energy to non-thermal cells. The CellFX® system is the first commercial product to use the unique benefits of NPS technology to treat a variety of applications that do not have the best solution. The first commercial use of the CellFX system is to alleviate a wide range of skin conditions that are in high demand among patients and advanced dermatological products. Designed as a multi-application platform, the CellFX system uses a usage-based revenue model for customer value. Visit to learn more.

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