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Our strategy is central to making our large and growing global audience pay for our mission and journalism. Also, the ability to engage that reader in our reporting and product collection based on the ever-increasing use of information and their understanding of their habits and interests. Today, we are thrilled to announce two significant promotions aimed at merging and expanding our relevant sectors in both sectors.

Hannah PoferllHe was appointed as the company’s first strategist and innovator and key partner in our product development team in the newsroom. Chief Information Officer and Head of Audience. This role, which includes news and business, aims to connect our newsroom audience and DIG teams to a higher level. Hannah will oversee our audience and data strategy, the company’s DIG team executive, and help guide our global growth efforts. She will be a member of most senior management teams in the business and newsroom, and will be promoted to Assistant Managing Editor. She reports to both of us.

Hannah is an expert in our field of journalism and information. Over the past several years, she has been leading the news team’s observers and analysts, building an industry leadership team that has reached millions of new readers and strengthened our relationship with millions. To increase the accessibility and influence of our journalists, coverage leaders need guidance and partnerships for Hannah and her team. And leaders across the business rely on her insights to help drive our enrollment strategy.

As a data analyst, Hannah joined the Times in 2014 primarily to support our culinary production and later joined AG Sulzberger’s newsroom strategy team. A.D. After taking over the leadership of the newsroom audience in 2019, she grew her staff and knowledge, mobilizing our industry-leading performance on social media and search and creating a sense of community among our readers. She has helped the news department accept the use of information to understand our readers and increase the reach and influence of our journalists. She has worked closely with the engagement mission to build the repetitive use of our products, and has supported the news department’s strategic alignment with production, engineering, data and design priorities.

Kendell TimmersIn the information and understanding team, a trusted leader and highly respected data scientist and analyst, senior vice president, and information and insights are responsible for reporting to Hannah. Kendall joins a senior management team as well as a senior product development team (XFun) and is responsible for building and maintaining world-class information and understanding. She also serves on a practical data platform mission team in Tech.

Kendall joined the Times in 2018 with American Express and played a key role in the development of our data scientist, analytics and understanding work. As the first data officer for our practical advertising mission, she helped design and build our first party data program, an industry leader that encourages much of our digital advertising work. She has guided our data insights and analytics to our enrollment development team, leading some of the most important data-driven improvements we have made to our customer journey and destination model.

As a loyal partner, Alex Hardiman, chief production officer, and Hannah Young, chief development officer, Kendel took a temporary command of the DJ team with the departure of Shane Mary in September. Over the past two months, she has been overseen by Jason Sobel, chief technology officer, to ensure success in the mission and improve information communication within the organization with the newsroom and data platform mission.

Like Hannah, Kendall is committed to the talents of our DJ team, which is making further progress as a strategic and rapid development, in the field of data science and analytics. Together we are confident that they will enhance the connection between our newsroom work and our mission and growth.

Please join Hannah and Kendall in congratulating us on these well-known promotions and important new roles.