Montreal: (Business Wire) – Pixel Guru and 360.Asins 360 is proud to announce a new partnership that will improve access to Pixel Guru.

Pixel Guru offers a mobile app specifically designed for business owners that allows you to post professional photos compiled by a collection of new and used vehicles. The company will continue to be the clear leader of this technology 5 years ago with more than 250 customers in Canada and Canada.

“The association with 360 will enable the Pixel Guru to accelerate its growth by offering innovative digital strategies,” said Pierre-Olivier Beappre, co-founder of Pixel Guru.

In particular, the application is designed to create high-resolution images consistent with multiple angles and is customized for each vehicle in the inventory along with the dealer’s brand name. In doing so, these images allow potential customers to find more complete information about a particular vehicle on their website.

“Our service distinguishes itself with speed, but also with simplicity. Pierre-Olivier Beepre added that in all vehicles in the warehouse, professional images downloaded directly to the seller’s CMS can be quickly obtained and the focus can be on the product.

Mr. Beappre will continue to work with Pixel Guru as the company’s General Manager. There will be no interruptions or changes to Pixel Guru’s current customer service.

Over the past 11 years, 360. has worked with more than 1,000 car dealers in North America to facilitate their fast online performance and digital sales channels. The agency launched its first fully-fledged online e-commerce platform in 2017 for Showcase 360 ​​and a new app that will improve the distributor sales process by 2020.

The company, with more than 250 employees, provides complete solutions designed to facilitate online and on-site sales, including automotive e-commerce solutions, decking application, CRM optimization and CMS platforms, digital advertising management and optimization, SEO, program advertising. , Content creation and strategy, and website creation.

This is part of a partnership with Pixel Guru 360. Agenda strategy to provide a complete solution for customers that will ensure the transition to the new online sales in the automotive industry. 360. Emergency strategies and products help to streamline sales online and on-premises and ensure maximum performance for consumers on all channels.

“With Pixel Guru, merchants will be able to display their products to facilitate the process of buying an online car. For 360. Immediate, mobile application is an essential tool for online sales and fits perfectly into our complete digital products and mission to improve the e-commerce of our customers, ”said Louis-Eves Clottier, 360 President and CEO. Agency.

The two companies also look at opportunities for growth in this strategic partnership, but also a combination of common values.

“I wanted Pixel Guru’s success to be in the heart, but I wanted to be a part of it with everyone, and I wanted a company that was as important as the human and personal aspects,” Mr. Beappre said.

Essential for 360. Every partnership is important on a business and personal level. From organizational values, mission and ethical perspective, 360. Urgent and Pixel Guru are very close and in harmony with each other, ”concludes Louis-Eves Clottier.

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