Insulin for bodybuilders: side effects, uses and risks

Bodybuilding is an extreme sport in which high-profile competitors often excel. Some prefer to stick to natural methods of building muscle, while others resort to medications such as anabolic androgenic steroids and insulin. Although people usually use insulin only in medical contexts for diabetes, bodybuilders often use it for muscle building purposes. After exercise, they … Read more

Vegan diets and everything promotes equivalent muscle mass gain, study shows

IMAGE: Experiments conducted by researchers at the University of São Paulo with healthy adults show that the right level of protein intake is the key to muscle health, regardless of … appearance more Credit: Hamilton Roschel Protein intake is more important than protein source if the goal is to gain muscle strength and mass. This … Read more

6 Muscle Building Tips for Natural Weight Lifters – San Francisco Examiner

Building muscle can be difficult, as the initial period of ‘new gains’ breaks down, with natural athletes quickly relegated. However, with diligent training, wise supplementation and a methodical diet plan – it is possible to keep doingprogress even as an experienced bodybuilder. Below are 6 tips on how to increase muscle strength and hypertrophy, making … Read more

Top 5 Muscle Building Supplements and How to Use Them to Achieve Your Training Goals

The best muscle building supplements include protein, creatine, beta-alanine, BCAA and HMB. Muscle building supplements are most effective along with strength training and healthy eating. To build muscle with supplements, it is best to create a nutrition and exercise plan with an expert. This article is part of the Insider guide to How to Build … Read more

I want to build muscle but I like cardio and I do not want to gain weight. Will running and HIIT hinder my profits?

It is a fitness myth that cardio causes your muscles to shrink or prevent them from growing. What is essential, however, is that cardio does not limit your ability to perform strength training. Likewise, healing is essential for muscle growth, so make sure you are not training too much. Read more Work It Out here. … Read more

The best steroid options for building muscle

The Men’s Journal aims to showcase only the best products and services. We will update it whenever possible, but discounts expire and prices may change. If you buy something through one of our links, we may get a commission. Questions? Reach us at [email protected]. When it comes to working abroad, we all need a little … Read more