Neiman Marcus Group Appoints Renée Paradise as Senior Vice President of Digital Business & Customer Strategy

Dallas, August 12, 2021 (PRNewswire) – Niman Marcus Group (NMG) announces Renee’s appointment today Senior Vice President of Digital Business and Customer Strategy; First August 16.

Niman Marcus has established himself as one of the largest luxury e-commerce players in the United States and is committed to refining and hiring high-end talent to run the business. Unlike Niman Marcus and other luxury brands, NMG is committed to maintaining a unique strategy of creating integrated retail. It will continue its three-year plan to invest more than half a billion dollars in partnership with innovative companies to accelerate digital transformation. Renee’s role will be crucial in maintaining the NGG’s unique strategy of creating an integrated luxury retail business.

Renee excels in business strategy, digital transformation and customer growth. He has recently served as Senior Vice President, Customer Revenue and Growth, responsible for driving innovation and promoting digital marketing in the digital market. He had previously run eBay North America Fashion, beauty, and home decor for the luxury, sneakers and streetwear business.

As we continue to invest in our digital work to better serve our customers and provide the ultimate integrated luxury experience, Rennie’s background and experience will be critical to moving us forward. ” David Gobert, NMG President and Chief Customer Officer.

Renee is responsible for leading NMG digital infrastructure digital business and heights. Establish and NM mobile app as part of Neiman Marcus’s product portfolio. In addition, she drives customer strategies and programs, including the company’s loyalty program. This ensures deepening of the NMN and creates more personalized connections and integrated experiences for customers across multiple sales channels.

Renee’s appointment, in addition to developing and acquiring digital products and equipment, is another example of how NMM is investing in its unique integrated retail strategy, where customers can shop in stores, online and mobile and connect with customers remotely. Sales tools.

Renee’s employment follows a number of recent key strategic recruits, each with a deep digital and luxury experience, including Bob Coupons, EVP and NMG Chief Product and Technology Officer; Paolo Riva, SVP and General Manager, Brand Partnerships & Merchandise, Lisa Aikon, SVP and Director of Fashion and Lifestyle, and Hannah Kim, Chief Legal Officer, Corporate Secretary, Chief Compliance Officer.

Renee is a powerful addition to our Women’s Collaborative and an organization run by many women. Women represent the majority of the company’s board of directors, more than 50 percent of SVP and above, 62 percent of VPAs and above, and 70 percent of all corporate and store employees. They also identify 50 percent of the company’s 9,000 affiliates.

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