Medifast, Inc. (Medi The OPTAVIA Lifestyle Solution and the free report that has been using the strength in the coaching support system) has announced the launch of the OPTAVIA application. This digital tool can improve the customer experience with Beli and Green recipes with past order access. Auto-ship details and account information, among other things.

Medifast is currently investing in digital infrastructure to better support coaches and clients. The OPTAVIA app, released at the end of July, has been downloaded approximately 150,000 times, and marks the company’s first innovation in its focus on digital products and technology.

The app is only available to members of the OPTAVIA community and will continue to improve with user feedback. The OPTAVIA app is a one-stop shop for all customer needs, and aims to provide customers with the tools they need to adapt to healthy experiences. He also said that the administration is developing a new coach app, OPTAVIA Connect. A.D. The Opetavia link, which is expected to be available to all coaches by the end of 2021, aims to build efficiency and improve coaching productivity, along with enriching the coach and client experience.

Clearly, the tendency for consumers to grow into health and safety options has been working well for Medifast Opetavia.

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OPTAVIA – Key driver

Opetavia follows a holistic approach, focusing on six key areas of human life: weight, eating, and humidity, movement, sleep, mind, and environment. OPTAVIA combines scientifically proven programs, effective products, and guidance from their coaches to help consumers lead a healthier lifestyle. OPTAVIA’s product line is sold through an independent coaching community that provides support and guidance to their clients. Collaborates with OPTAVIA’s coaches, franchise partners, vendors, and the Scientific Advisory Board to provide comprehensive health products and programs focused on creating Medicare.

A.D. In the second quarter of 2021, Opetavia’s products accounted for 88.9% of the previous quarter and 834.1% of the previous quarter. Total income OPTAVIA coaches increased 62.2% to 59,200. OPTAVIA coach’s average earnings per share rose 13.9% to $ 6,662 compared to $ 5,851 in the first quarter.

In fact, Medifast’s overall second-quarter performance could be attributed to the unique growth of independent Opetavia coaches and the efforts to improve the productivity of these coaches. The company is using new technology, such as application-based platforms, along with social media channels and field-led training platforms to increase the productivity of OPTAVIA trainers. Consumers’ Attitude to Health, a model based on a strong Opetavia coach, is helping Medifast attract new customers. To support growth, the company is committed to making further investments to improve its infrastructure.

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