Companies will improve over the decades – they need to stay competitive. Technology is often the key difference. And the slogan for fast-food restaurants (QSRs) could be a slogan for brand names like Pizza Hut and Chi hip and McDonald: Go digital or go home. The customer eats their lunch elsewhere… and your competitor eats your lunch.

So it is not far off that MacDonald is being re-evaluated as a technology company.

“It is clear that the next chapter will be guided by our digital leadership as we build our speed and incorporate our digital capabilities into the customer experience,” said Chris Kempsinsky, president and CEO of McDonald’s. Revenue Results Wednesday (July 28).

In the announcement, MacDonald’s top six annual sales of digital channels in the top six markets were about $ 8 billion – an increase of 70 percent compared to last year. In the United States, proportional sales increased by about 15 percent in two years, down from 26 percent a year ago.

According to Wall Street standards, per capita earnings reached $ 2.37 and $ 2.11. The combined line-up increased by 40 percent to $ 5.8 billion a year, surpassing the previous estimate of $ 5.6 billion.

About 70 percent of the company’s restaurants have reopened, the management said. But even in brick and mortar business, it is clear that digital focus is firmly rooted in channels. News has surfaced that MyMcDonald’s awards program has been launched this month and that the company is putting digital, data analytics, marketing, restaurant development and operations into one common denominator.

The benefits of a strong rewards program are highlighted in the data. Recent PYMNTS research shows that loyalty program users spend $ 200 compared to their $ 104 per month. In addition, approximately half of the restaurants offer at least one loyalty and reward program. And more than half of restaurants believe that digital payments can help pave the way for success.

Digital in the early stages

In a call to investors and analysts, McDonald’s said its digital strategy was still in its “early stages.” Young consumers in particular are seeing the McDonald’s app as a key to engagement. The loyalty programs, according to the call, are driving digital adoption, short purchase cycles and the frequency of multiple visits.

Even before the company “advertised” for the program itself, there were 12 million loyal customers. The company aims to expand its loyalty program and presence to become part of its driver service.

In this way, advanced technology and omnipotent experience lead to revenue growth, as well as post-epidemic sales and revenue conflicts. The data and the digital are everything – but it’s all just a matter of throwing the burger into the mix.

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