When customers walk on your platform, what do they see? Where do you rest when you click a button? What effect does the platform you are building have? It can be confusing to present your ideas in the best possible way in an already crowded moment.

Every entrepreneur’s business idea goes through a prototype stage, which helps them develop and test the idea in a realistic way. While storytelling techniques and other formats can convey the point, it would be great if you could show investors exactly what your best or most service can do. Where is this? Step 1 Design It should.

If you are an entrepreneur or product manager with a vague business idea and you are confused about how to display your app or website, Level 1 Design Stakeholders can help you improve and visualize your business idea before you try the app. to live.

They visually represent your ideas

Level 1 design helps fundraisers, start-ups and enterprises with synergy, branding, finding technology partners, or transforming start-up ideas into visual designs.

Experts at Level 1 assist with UI / UX designs, examples, wire frames, UX audits, creative consulting and product strategy. They also help by redesigning websites and mobile apps.

Mudit Jane, Founder and CEO He says, “Our vision is to help interested entrepreneurs find visual design solutions for their business ideas, which will give them greater transparency for potential investors.

He added, “We believe in design first because it helps us to create better products that are still attractive and easy to use. And to create a website or app, you can’t start writing code right away. Your user doesn’t care about your code, they only care about what they see. Therefore, the UX is very important in the world of software development.

Designing for international products

Stage 1 Design To date, it has provided 35+ international clients for a variety of sectors. This includes managing employee availability, evaluating employee performance, facilitating Forex exposure for Edelways customers, and other mobile apps for brands.

So what really happens to stage 1 design? When entrepreneurs want to increase investment for their new job, they move to Level 1 Design. After an in-depth workshop, the Level 1 team transforms the business idea into graphic designs. The entrepreneur presents the designs to two very impressed investors, based solely on the designs, who decide to donate seed for the start-up.

One of the clients of Level 1 design services is fantastic home finance. The mobile application allows customers to apply for loans, manage existing loans, raise service requests and more. The client needs help adjusting the application. In stage 1 design, it can shape the design Amazing customer app That improved TAT efficiency to reduce service demand by 20 percent.

We really enjoyed the team’s design performance. You really put yourself in the user’s shoes before you create any design. ” Push Jane, head of technology, wonderful home finance.

The first step to a successful prototype

For Step 1 Design is a flawless five-step process to turn your idea into a work concept.

  • Schedule Get a free 30-45 minute video design consultation to share your business ideas, whether raw, fine or extremely detailed.
  • Chat: Talk to design professionals about your business requirements and they will help you adjust the MVP for your business idea.
  • Select: They recommend suitable design packages to choose from and create custom packages according to your needs.
  • kick off: Once the design package is selected, the project will begin.
  • Review The team sends out weekly review updates to monitor the project and get constant feedback from you.

The cost of a Level 1 design depends on the number of screens. For 15 screens, it takes 10 days to deliver and costs $ 1125. For 25 screens, it takes 21 days delivery time and costs $ 1875. It takes 45 days for 60 screens and costs $ 5,000. Additional screens cost $ 75 per screen. (The packages mentioned above include the distribution of the client source file)

If you are reading this and want to present your business idea in the best possible way, Plan your free design consultant today. For Strestory readers only, get a 33.33% off-screen discount, the last $ 50 on-screen price.

In addition to on-screen models, you can participate with Step1 Design Consultants on a monthly basis.

Map of growth and future

Step 1 Design is a team of 40+ UX extremists and product experts in the latest design tools such as Figma, Adobe XD, Sketch, Balsamiq, Invision, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Principle and Framer.

Stage 1 is guided by the design Mr. Alok Trividi As a VP. When a designer was born, he had extensive experience building products from consumer Internet to SaaS products.

The bootstrapped startup has so far contributed 40,000 screens to 12+ industry veterans Fintech, BFCI, Government, Health and more. It is assisting Enterprise 1 B2B Creative Enterprises to provide design services on a monthly / quarterly or annual subscription basis.

Going forward, Aloe Trivd They want to be the largest design team in India, skilled in all digital design services.

“We want to be a place for small businesses and entrepreneurs who want to start. Whether you want a presentation or a website without a code or a simple application or website design, we are ready for it. ”

About Sinoric

The Level 1 design journey began in 2017 when Modi Jane started Synoriq R&D Plc. Mudit is an IIT Bombay graduate who has worked in various fields such as analysis, business consulting and technology. Prior to Sinorik, at the age of 24, Mudit served as the head of Finmechanics India Plc. He also co-founded Qriyo to build a brand for quality housekeepers.

Based on Jayr, Sinorric has six different brands under the umbrella except for the Level 1 design – Sinophine, SaaS technology solutions for HFCs and NBCs; Sinoven, Digital Seller (FI, RCU, Legal, Technical) Ecology for Lenders, SynoFS, Technology solutions, products and consulting services for banks; When there is, Technology and design consulting services for beginners, SynoExperts, Remote sensing resources in Java, RIAK and other advanced development capabilities and Sidata 360, Information infrastructure for organizations.