From card-collecting monsters like Pokémon and U-G-O to pro players competing for $ 500,000 (£ £ 360,154) at the Hearthstone World Championships 2021, Collect Card Games (CCG) have grown.

With the growing popularity of digital CCGs – both by accident and in sports – the sector By the end of 2021, the market is expected to reach $ 572 million (£ 412m). Although this is a small amount of global online gaming revenue, giant companies such as Hearthstone and Riot Games (Legends of Runeterra) seem to dominate the CCG market.

Nevertheless, titles such as Gwent and Thronebreaker (CD Project) and Loop Hero (Four Quarters) have come to prominence.

Image Credit 1939 Games

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KARDS, The CCG, a free-to-play digital game in 1939, also succeeded in making a name for itself by focusing on the themes of World War II. The game combines traditional CCG games with innovative mechanics inspired by ancient strategy games and real battle techniques.

To learn more about KARDS and how to become an INDI game developer, contact Sports Insider Gumundur Christensen, Creative Director and Co-Founder 1939 Games.

Deciding to make a new game

A.D. In 2015, brothers Guy Mundur and Ova Christensen decided to create games in 1939 after years of working together at the Icelandic Game Studio CCP. Ovar has been the CEO of CCP Games for some time, and Gummanman was the project leader.

Picture – Ovar (left) and Gumund (right) Christensen. Image Credit 1939 Games

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During his time there, Gundurur always played martial arts, card games and strategy games with his friends, which led him to join the CCP games table regularly. That unconventional CCG idea was born out of, in particular, World War II, one of the most widespread human conflicts in history.

Gummundur said: “KARDS is a game we want to play for ourselves and we decided to do something about it when we couldn’t find it there. World War II and lifelong interest in strategic and card games led us to believe that this would be a great mix and we had the knowledge and desire to do so in the way it was done.

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Over the next few years, Gummund kept the idea of ​​KARDS in mind. Finally, in 2015, the two brothers set up a 1939 game and began working on building a new experience at the CCG.

Starting with a very small group, the studio began filming and working towards becoming a KARDS. Thousands of hours of experimentation, development, feedback, repetition, and much more will eventually make KARDS the first destination on Steam in 2019.

This was a big step for the 1939 Games as the company finally shared KARDS with the world and entered a new phase of development.

Early access to a specific community Working on KARDS

As soon as any game enters the first access or preview, developers will receive constant updates. It can often be a time of constant change and challenge.

For example, some areas that are considered large in the group may not have the same success in the market. The team that won the 1939 Games remembers the early stage as a wonderful part of the game’s history. However, “the last meters to the finish line are often very difficult.”

“It was really challenging to simplify some of the basic game design concepts and simplify some of the original designs, but at the same time it was very rewarding to find good solutions to serious problems,” he said.

However, I think the development of KARDS is an ongoing process and if the release of the Steam PC was not completed, it would have been only one chapter in a very long and repetitive process. “

To date, KARDS fans have been able to provide feedback through the Volunteer Test Team and the game’s active disco server.

Launch the game as an indie developer

Starting a game as an indie developer can be very different in studios and genres. A.D. In the case of the 1939 Games, the company wanted to compete with the biggest names in the digital CCG genre for the player.

As he thought about what was going on in his mind, Gummender said to the starter: “Happiness! I was always sure the game would be relatively well received, but it’s hard to predict exactly how it will go and what the numbers will look like. So my joy was mixed with some butterflies in my stomach.

After five years of hard work, wanting to make sure everything is in the right direction, KARDS launched a long-term mapping in 2020 with multilingual support and team thinking.

Picture – 1939 Games Team in 2021. Image Credit 1939 Games

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The team was sure of the game, but like any new release, the biggest fear was not getting many new players right away. For KARDS, this was especially important in the beginning, because the matchmaking system required the pool of players to work properly, otherwise the waiting times would be too long.

“When you have a game with a community of emotive players waiting for a released and net product, there is a small error margin. Players are just as impatient with bugs and instability as they are with the first version of access. As you can imagine, this is especially true for competitive games.

Fortunately, this was not a big deal when it was released and it gathered KARDS supporters from the trip. However, the team still plans to build a player base to ensure that all of these systems work fully and efficiently.

Caring and growing

Although KARDS has been out for a while, service-based gaming is in its early stages, taking into account life expectancy. This is something that has fundamentally changed in the gaming industry over the last two decades or so and requires developers to come up with new ideas and content in abundance.

Especially for KARDS, this is a unique challenge for the team to develop new features, keep everything fresh and build everything to reach new players and improve the game.

Currently, the developer is looking to make the game available on many platforms other than KARAM, focusing on mobile delivery, and is also building the distribution network on PC.

Regarding their plans for the near future, Gummandur said: “KARDS has always been built as a multi-platform and platform game, so my biggest anticipation is mobile release.

“CCGs are especially suitable for mobile phones, and most players play them on many devices, so I think when the mobile version comes out, the cards will be very close to its full potential. I can not wait! ”

KARDS transports the show

The 1939 Games also kicked off at KARDS Esports and expanded into the world of competitive CCGs. The division is expected to host regular matches and broadcasts with the top players of the game.

One of the key partners in the 1939 Games was 983 Media, a US-based production company that collaborated on production and competition.

983 Media is focused on producing CCG events and has worked with many studios, including Gwent, Mythgard and Magic The Gathering.

The 1939 Games will also work with local KARDS community experts as well as an experienced cast team from the CCS Sports Show with the Casters. The studio’s caster and on-air personality include: Fan, Flickr, Olympus, Clean Bubbles, Dark and Spot.

The ecosystem consists of two primary competition series and two championship events, each serving a different type of player. Officer Club Championship, Of KARDS open, Of Mid-season championship And the World Championship.

Overview of the 2022 KARDS contestant. Image Credit 1939 Games

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The Officer Club Championship (OCC) is a monthly competition and the KARDS Open is a monthly open competition.

Each open competition has a prize pool of $ 1,500 (~ 0 1,099) and features two filters. The winners will compete in the 128 World Championships that year.

A.D. The mid-season championship, which begins in 2022, is an annual competition of $ 10,000 (£, 7,338).

Meanwhile, the world champion KARDS holds the world title of $ 10,000 (£, 7,338) per year. Candidates may be eligible through the OCC and Open Standards.

Under current plans, 2022 will feature a total of 19 competitions with a prize pool of more than $ 44,000 (£, 29,107).

Speaking about the upcoming 2022 season, Gummanduur said:

Over the past few months, we have seen strong players from a variety of subjects interested in competing in the card, and at the same time we have seen our interest in the spectator increase over time.

We are still very excited for this great year of competition – 2022!

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