With the help of Erickson, the new upgraded laboratory has three main modules: a radio frequency laboratory, a protocol laboratory and a network simulation laboratory, and confirms the availability of the first OPP smartphones to implement and drive many 5G innovations. International communication technology.

Opopo reveals “the secret behind most 5G technologies” – The recently developed Opopo Communication Laboratory in partnership with Eriksen has been paid for by the global information and communication technology (ICT). »

Automated testing robot in Opopo Communication Laboratory

Through the newly upgraded Communication Laboratory, OPO explains that it is now able to fully understand 5G research and development, from the RF front to the software protocol updates, and the region adjustment and testing.

Advanced Communication Laboratory Opopo Smartphones was one of the first to implement many of the 5G technologies, making Opon “the ideal partner to guide global technology providers and operators as they expand their 5G services.”

At the same time, it is said that the laboratory will enable OPO to “play a more important role in driving the evolution of global communication technologies.”

Here is a video of Oppo Communication Laboratory

Strong partnerships lead to improved global 5G innovation

The newly modified OPCO Communication Laboratory has three main modules: Radio L – Radio Frequency Laboratory, Protocol Laboratory and Network Simulation Laboratory.

The network simulation laboratory is a collaboration between OPO and Ericsson, and the protocol laboratory was jointly established by OPEC and leading testing technology provider Keysight.

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“The improved OPEC Communication Laboratory at 5G is a new milestone in the OPO effort, and represents a new level of close collaboration with international technology companies,” said Chris Shu, Center for OPO Product Strategy Planning and Cooperation. With the rapid evolution of global 5G technology, we are excited to partner with Ericsson and Keysight to enhance our experience in 5G standards, products and applications to improve the 5G ecosystem around the world.

Magnus Ewerbring, VP and CTO Asia-Pacific Eriksen says, “Increasing OPO and Eriksen collaboration will bring more technologies and products that drive 5G market demand and direction, and improve the 5G network experience for the end user. As a leader in the global 5G market, Ericsson is looking forward to partnering with industry partners to drive innovation by building its 5G ecosystem and leveraging 5G technology.

“The world’s leading 5G mobile device manufacturers, such as Opo, are fully aware of the need to test reliability before launching competitive products,” Cao Peng, VP and GM told Keysight Wireless Test Group.

“The protocol laboratory and radio frequency laboratory are important chapters for Keysight and Oppo in the ‘5s. Keysight 5G solutions enable OPO technical engineers to perform power consumption testing, rehabilitation testing, new feature compatibility testing efficiently, and simulate public roads and high-speed trains. Conditions that could help OPO implement their 5G strategy and promote their 5G products in the market as soon as possible.

Three laboratory modules covering 5G research from end to end

Of the three modules, the network simulation laboratory, which closely reflects the actual city networks, can provide communication services for up to 10,000 devices, simulating different operators’ 4G / 5G networks. Therefore, it can be tested in the laboratory for 5G business pre-testing requirements in any part of the world.

Testing a smartphone in an Oppo communication lab

The Opopo Communication Laboratory also includes a radio frequency laboratory and protocol laboratory where researchers have experimented extensively to determine whether equipment can join video conferencing or live stream video conferencing. Crowded mall.

The protocol also supports laboratory technicians to drive innovation from a variety of approaches by conducting research on energy consumption, retesting, and joint new behavior testing. For example, the laboratory is currently researching the next 5G level of evolution, release 16, which is more environmentally friendly than modern generations, improved communication efficiency between smartphones and networks, and subsequently reduced energy consumption.

Leading innovation to the Internet of Things experience

With the strength of its scientific research and the support of international industry partners, OPO reminds us that “it has achieved many plans in 5G around the world.”

A.D. In early 2018, OPO successfully lowered the world’s first 5G video call using integrated light technology. A.D. The 2019 edition of the Oppo Reno 5G became the first commercially available 5G compatible smartphone in Europe. And In 2021, Opopo, Vodafone, Qualcomm and Ericsson were able to accelerate the further development of 5G and achieve Europe’s first 5G wireless network marketing.

Going forward, OPPO will continue R&D as it leads the industry to an experienced Internet age, collaborating with other industry leaders such as Ericsson, facilitating 5G growth and opening up 5G opportunities.