Social media marketing has increased recently and no one can deny the social media agencies they have today. There is no doubt that your business can make a huge profit with the services provided by the social media agency. Social media marketing is the future and all the attention it is getting in the near future is worth it. With the transition from traditional marketing techniques to digital methods such as CEOs, it has changed the way digital marketing companies promote their services.

Here, let’s take a look at a list of the most popular social media marketing companies in India in 2021.

1. WATConsult

Enjoyed by knowledge and ideas, WATConsult is a diverse group of people who truly care about digital about everything and everything. In this ever-changing world, they make narratives using information, art, and emotions. They will step in to help you better plan your marketing efforts and provide you with a good product explosion map for your journey on the digital landscape. Advertising there is a world-class ad. Combined with programmatic targeting and audience measurement, WATConsult ensures you don’t get lost in your mix. WATConsult has experience leading many companies in their efforts to use digital media for their products. Some of their clients include Tata, Godrege, Mahindra, Bajaj, Trust and others. WATConsult became part of the Dennis Agis Network in January 2015.

2. Pinstorm

At Pinstim, we believe that businesses need to radically change their revenue streams. We are in a minute-changing world, where free media is more accessible and credible than paid media and where promises speak to you and your competition 24 by 7.. Building brands in the digital world means copying widely held beliefs. The company integrates SMO strategy, research, user experience, web design, advertising, mobile friendliness, viral videos, Facebook campaigns, search optimization, Twitter updates and analytics in an effective way. They promote consulting, advertising, digital marketing, product design, custom software development, training, ongoing consulting and … well, whatever it takes to grow your brand, your people and your marketing.

3. sunStrategic

Sun Strategy -On the way to represent digital perfection

In solar strategy, their vision is to change the way your company sees the world by innovating. Change leads to a happier and more prosperous life. Their solutions address the relationship between customer engagement, productivity, customer satisfaction and shareholder return. Change your digital product price on behalf of SunStrategic Innovate and all your merits. For more than 10 years, they have dismantled innovations under various banners, changed cultures for some of the world’s leading organizations, and conducted research that has made headlines around the world. They provide services such as branding, marketing solutions, print media, digital, web design, social media rich content and advertising.
In North America and Australia, the new and improved solar STREGEGIC team is set to join forces in Asia on an equal footing.

4. Mind and matter

Mind and Marketing Solutions is a full-service advertising and marketing agency that provides traditional advertising and digital marketing solutions for your brand. Mind & Matter specializes in providing integrated advertising strategies for your product. They have a large team with over 10 years of experience in traditional marketing and advertising solutions, including innovative conceptual and design solutions for print, OHH and POS (sales point) containers. You can also provide creative guidance for your TV and radio advertising requirements.
The Digital and Material Digital team will take your brand to the next level using new age marketing techniques on all digital media. They are Internet marketing experts and specialize in search engine optimization (SEO), social media marketing, email marketing, video marketing, pay-per-click (PPC), content marketing, etc.

5. Gozop

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Founded in October 2008, Gozopo is an independent marketing company that provides a wide range of strategic solutions for brands and businesses. He is an expert in designing integrated solutions designed to help Gozep brands and businesses succeed in the new world through platform agnostic approach and effective integration of innovation and technology services. With more than 150 market segments, Gozop has partnered with brands such as Dell, Asian Colors, Taj Hotels, Kolkata Equestrian, Mumbai Indians, Star Barat, Pizza Express, Club Mahindra, Viacom 18, Mad Belay Donut, ITC and many more. Award-winning and engaging campaigns.
Gozop del, Mintra, Mumbai Indians, Discovery, Asian Colors, Pepsico, Facebook and Landmark Group are India’s largest independent digital services and products company that caters to the social presence of international brands. In addition to being located in five Indian cities, the agency has a strong presence in New York, Dubai and Singapore.

6. Brainwork Techniques

Beginning and delivering web-based solutions since the beginning of the millennium, Brainwork Technologies has emerged among fast-growing website development companies. Brainstorming Technologies is a one-stop solution for online services by providing a broad and influential portfolio of web design, web development, internet marketing and content writing. Since their inception in 2000, they have exceeded expectations because of their commitment to quality and constantly evolving methods to keep up with technology and customer expectations.
Unlike those who use attractive images and high-end graphics to create websites, BrianWark emphasizes that it provides informative content on the site and keeps users engaged. Getting acquainted with various types of web content, including SEO writing, copywriting, text and blogging, press releases, and more, can successfully serve clients in a variety of industries and countries.

7. Resultrix

ZenithOptimedia & Resultrix Bags Vista Digital Mission

Resultrix is ​​an end-to-end interactive agency with a payment performance search model supported by the award-winning creative team. Resultrix is ​​headquartered in Seattle, Washington, Mumbai and Singapore. They are a team of passionate search engines, business people, designers, webmasters and advertising professionals who have been on both sides of the advertising world – we are customers and agency professionals. They are available worldwide with customers of all sizes and functions.
They drive awareness, engagement and conversions for their customers. Interactive services include – search engine marketing (SEM), search engine optimization (SEO), affiliate and social media marketing. The award-winning design and analysis teams ensure that their customers interact with their brand and have a memorable experience.

8. Stable media

They are ready to help brands stay step-by-step and grow with the “new” consumer with their digital marketing solutions to this day. From effective digital strategies to interactive digital experiences, edge content production, breathable designs, effective storytelling, data analysis, customer centricity and more, they are unique in their emotions and creativity. Combining their needs, skills and efforts, Poised Media creates everything for the benefit of the customer.
Based in Mumbai, Poised is a joint success for some leading brands, SMEs and a full-service digital agency from the beginning. Collaborative approach, interactive digital experiences, unique results, and value-added are unique in everything they do. B2B marketing is the only digital agency in India that oversees SMEs and corporations, social marketing and WhatsApp-based interactive experiences.