Hyderabad: A.D. Swedish furniture retailer Ica, which opened its first retail store in Hyderabad in August 2018, has seen 28 million visits to its website and store over the past three years. Driven by the omnichannel strategy, it aims to continue to have a positive impact on the regional economy through accessibility, affordability and customer and community engagement.

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Today, Aika is hosting living, office and guest rooms with a variety of furniture products and accessories. As India is a digital community, the retailer is drawing key data insights to understand customer preferences and needs, so custom and related products may be offered from time to time.

Per Honeel, Marketing and Expansion Manager, Ica India, in an exclusive interview with Telana today, said: When the epidemic hit home, click and collect, we launched new low prices, Ica family credit card and online services such as home supply consultant, private consumer, planner, etc. lakh Ikea The family members are from Tellana. ”

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With more than 9,000 products, we will continue to understand the needs of the home and build solutions based on this. We add new products from time to time. We engage not only with our customers but also with the community. We are planning a long-term community support program to help rebuild homes for the poor in Hyderabad, ”he said.

The Hyderabad store currently has 636 direct employees and about 400 direct employees. It has a mix of internationally experienced and locally employed staff. The pluralistic company aims to have equal gender representation in the store, and women already hold 44 percent of their co-workers.

On the sustainable front, Ike said it has reached 17 percent of electric vehicles in Hyderabad today. The store uses 13 percent renewable energy through solar panels. The company uses 100 percent recycled materials as fillers, as well as cardboard boxes.

Among Hyderabad’s customers, some of the most popular brands were beds and mattresses, bathrooms, decorations, cooking and dining products. The top three requirements are study desks, chairs, and sofas. Living room-related products are on the web this year.

Digital Solutions

With our digital solutions, we want to be more accessible to customers in Hyderabad and Telaganan. We will continue to work at a reasonable price and will continue to invest in it. We will also increase customer and community engagement. ”

As part of the Omni-Channel expansion, EKE has e-commerce presence in Hyderabad, Mumbai and the United States. It recently expanded its ecommerce business to Ahmedabad, Surat, Vadodara and Bengalru. He said: “We have made e-commerce part of our omnichannel strategy. We have also provided home-based counseling services to our clients during the outbreak. We expect the volume to grow through online channels in the future. We expect to strengthen our customer support and logistics teams as we improve our online presence.

Ica aims to serve 200 million people in India in the next few years with an omining approach. The first physical store opened in Hyderabad, followed by the Navi Mumbai store in December 2020.

Home preparation

IKEA has been producing in India for over 35 years with over 45,000 direct employees and 4 million suppliers in an extended supply chain for its stores around the world. He also works with social entrepreneurs to engage some 2,000 artisans in the production of limited edition products for international stores.

He said, “Although we have a global region with local solutions, we have proven to have a great source base in India. We have introduced a range of relevant local products to meet formal needs and holidays. When we opened our Hyderabad store, our local supply, which was 20 percent, is now 40 percent. This will continue to grow. ”

City stores

Ikea will open its first city store in India at Camala Mills, Worley, Mumbai. Urban Store format allows IKA to adapt to smaller spaces in urban conditions. Consumers can purchase the Ikea range based on digital and physical marketing experience. The city’s stores are in the 50,000-1,00,000 square feet area, while the traditional Ika Blue Box stores are typically 4,00,000-5,000 square feet.

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