Equinix Steps Up its Quest to Cloudify Colocation and Connectivity

Dense network cable at the Eunics Communication Center in Amsterdam. (Photo: Economics)

Economics wants to increase the speed and scope of connected ecosystems. And after years of focusing on major network hubs in commercial districts, the company is expanding its full access to the data center business.

Enix recently outlined a major power agenda for its growth in “Analyst Day”, stating that the rebuilding of the “digital infrastructure company” would translate into a global IT platform.

“Our vision is delivering our vision in physical infrastructure at the speed of software,” said Sarah Buck, chief product officer at Eunix. “We see the future of suppliers from anywhere in the world, where customers are deployed in minutes, on demand. We are building a future. ”

That is a significant step forward from the “power, tubes and ping” formula that once described colonialism. Although Eunics is already huge, 10,000 customers and 229 data centers around the world see great potential for accelerating the digital economy.

Enix wants to “cloud” the experience by enabling customers to integrate physical and virtual resources into technologies and geography by adding programming infrastructure that runs on data centers in the business ecosystem.

“The nature of digital infrastructure is changing,” said CEO Charles Myers. Make no mistake about it — it’s more widespread, more in demand, and more eco-friendly than ever. Cloud computing has changed customer expectations forever. Enix is ​​responding by improving our capabilities.

Accelerate boundaries to connect customers

Ecumenical evolution is gaining momentum in the near future, and it has implications for providers across data centers, clouds and network services.

With an emphasis on digital infrastructure, Enix wants to go beyond data center services beyond traditional product-oriented insights. That includes the experience gained by many college providers to avoid blurring the boundaries, competing with customers at the same time between selling that space and providing services.

Acurinix is ​​developing an identity that includes a wide range of services, including large data centers, edge computing, blank metal servers, and software-defined connections.

Econics, which focuses on hybrid cloud and efficient infrastructure, is by no means the only provider. Shistora Colon provides free-to-demand “one-on-one” servers, flexible, and TierPoint-managed services, and Evok has recently moved to cloud-based consulting. Meanwhile, Digital Realty is pursuing a platform that covers wholesale and retail color, and ctontinue to bring software-powered network specialists Megaport and Packet Textile SDN to additional data centers.

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When Ekinics Vision seeks to extend its market leadership for digital infrastructure, its ability to integrate all of these approaches will be tested. Advanced Narrative is an economical approach to building interconnected ecosystems that carry 73 consecutive quadrants.

“Communicating with each other is fundamental to our values ​​and history, and our fabric is a great way to connect with the entire consumer ecosystem,” said John Lynn, president of the U.S. economy. “This is the hardest part for our competitors to repeat. Creating a software-defined network between data centers is not difficult. But we have a 20-year customer relationship. We are getting more magnetic customers for others, and companies need the ability to connect with them.

“Network products provide competitive benefits,” said Steve Madden, vice president of digital transformation and distribution at Epinex. “Digital ecosystems create density. It’s physics, but not rocket science. Equinix is ​​a short distance for most participants. If the people and ecology you need to do business are already there, the value will increase significantly.

She slipped away from Enix Analyst day, listing the company’s customer focus in leading business. (Image: Equinix)

To help clients make those connections, Madden says it has built a “significant data science work” to identify cost-effective communication benefits for individual customers based on eCommerce styles and partners.

For Equinix, it’s all about ecology

You can see how the ecological focus is on the expansion of the business strategy.

Low level
A good example is the xScale program for building large data centers for top providers. After a small start-up, Eunics announced plans to build 32 more data centers in key markets around the world, with additional $ 3.9 billion in support from GIC, from the Singapore Sovereignty Fund.

This is not because of the high investment flow, but because of the desire to dominate the highly competitive in-house data center development.

“We see xScale as a way out,” said Krupal Raval, managing director of xScale at Exxonx. The attraction to us is not in isolation, but it is a tool to enhance our relationship with hyperscalers that will maintain and extend our communication leadership position in the cloud ecosystem.

Adding large data centers to the Enix campuses in key communications centers will bring more data gravity to those campuses, making them a magnet for enterprise cloud deployments that require a low latency cloud. That approach enabled Xenx to lease 109 MW out of the 172 MW built by xScale.

Edge calculation
Economics focuses on the historic Internet hub by building databases around major networks such as North Virginia, Silicon Valley, Chicago and Dallas. It is being built in small towns, especially in international markets.

A portal in the Enix Edge data center design that uses pre-created modules.  (Image: Equinix)

A portal in the Enix Edge data center design that uses pre-created modules. (Image: Equinix)

The company recently added a new data center design for edge computing, which can bring low-latency networks closer to users. The new design uses factory-built modules to increase capacity in small batches.

As submarine lines move to new destinations, Enix is ​​working for the first time in a new French design facility that will provide communication services at cable terminals.

“You’ll see us expand our platform,” said Keith Taylor, chief economist at Eknix. “We are looking for areas with cable landing opportunities, service delivery nodes, network nodes.”

Empty metal servers
Enix Metal aims to bring automation to physical infrastructure, which allows cloud-based servers to serve as “services”. It is paired with virtual network technology to quickly connect users to the naked cloud server with the necessary cloud and services.

“Enix Metal fills the market gap between colonialism and the cloud,” said Zach Smith, managing director of Econics Metal. What you see in our product roadmap is an evolution to provide our consumer core values ​​- global accessibility, connectivity, ecosystems, and trusted support models – to change the way consumer enterprises and digital service providers compete.

Metal is also now offering storage capabilities.

Online self-service for connected cabinets

It is part of Eunice’s efforts to “cloud” its metal services. The other is the Network Edge to provide ready access to the company’s SDN fabric to manage and extend their network infrastructure.

Program compatibility is a key innovation in economics, especially the ability to “integrate business” by integrating services with APIs (application programming interfaces). The Eunix API-enabled transaction grew by 34 percent year-over-year until the first quarter of 2021.

The goal is to convert multiple sales to match what users experience on cloud platforms.

“Customers are looking for self-help options,” said Bill Long, senior vice president of product management. We believe that these capabilities will become even more important as more and more global businesses are digital, and we believe that they will continue to be the cornerstone of our product strategy.

That includes making it easier to order the main coloring services. On Analyst Day, Long presents September Cabinet Express, the most common cabinet configurations available for online ordering, pre-evaluated for Econics fabric, and ready-made supply for customer equipment. Secure Cabinet Express displays cabinets with fabric and connecting ports, pre-wired panel with software-controlled power circuit.

“Our customer buys in an online experience, the way they like it,” Long said. And because we can deploy that device in advance, it will be available to our customer very quickly. The good part about Eunics is that we already deploy, so the cost of one deployment is very low for Eunix.

Connecting physical and imaginary worlds

It is a power-hungry strategy for a rapidly changing world. In his presentation to the analytical community, the unifying theme of Econics is the firm belief that the competitive landscape will be defined by digital infrastructure, that future infrastructure will be led by developers and will be software-driven.

The company is expanding its ability to deploy physical and virtual infrastructure. (Image: Equinix)

“Our customers want the best of both worlds – physical and imaginary,” said Buck. “Enix is ​​where these people meet. Our innovation is focused on making sure that Enix is ​​the best place to deploy these hybrid clouds. The epidemic has only accelerated the demand for food in this way.

Econics customers will continue to deploy new capabilities to support the “land and expansion” model of growth strategies. The number of customers using the company’s three geographical regions – North America, EMAA and Asia – has grown by 37 percent since 2018, with recurring revenue reaching 62 percent.

“The sun is shining fast in the days of the central information center,” said CEO Myers. The action is on the digital edge, and Enix is ​​the best feature of the digital edge now and for many years.