EN NZEN, China, August 24, 2021 (Globo Newsweire) – Hussein Holding Limited, a leading provider of digital insurance products and services for the next generation of consumers in China (NASDAQ: HUIZ), today signed a mandatory Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to control regulatory demand within the group. Announced admission. Life and General Insurance Agency is a limited liability company (“Shengs Life and General”), one of the regional insurance agency teams assigned to distribute life and health insurance products.

According to the binding memorandum of understanding between the group and the life of the general and the life of the general and the current shareholders, the group acquires control over the life of the king and the general. The group enters into agreements with Shings Life and General and their shareholders. The team expects the transaction to be completed by the end of 2021 as usual. Following the completion of the transaction, King Life and General will be considered a strong subsidiary of the company.

A.D. Founded in 2011, King Lift and the General Insurance Agency are licensed by the CBIRC to conduct business, and are focused on distributing life and health insurance products. Held by a limited group of founders with deep business acumen in the insurance industry, King Life and General Hubei emerged as one of the largest independent insurance agencies in the state. In order to further expand the distribution network, King Life and General has established regional centers in Guangdong Province and Sichuan Province, and currently operates more than 20 sales outlets to engage and serve insurance clients.

Huize Chairman and CEO, Mr. Kunjun Ma, commented, “The acquisition of the King’s life and general is a key milestone in Huize’s online-offline integration and open forum strategy. Hen King Life and General Customer: The first corporate culture and has accumulated in-depth customer insights into the wholesale wealth and health insurance market. Using a strong sales team of experienced industry veterans, extensive coverage and customer service experience, Shengs Life and General will make the most of our last miles offline, enabling us to offer products and services both online and offline, further enhancing the market. Improve the availability of our custom products and Huize product awareness. Huez intends to use the dinghies’ capabilities to accelerate an open insurance product and service platform that covers shingles management, product offerings and back support. We look forward to the integration of this mutual benefit into business expansion and revenue growth.

About Huize Holding Limited

Huawei Holding Limited is the leading digital insurance product and service platform for new generation consumers in China. Focusing on the younger generation, Huz is committed to serving his insurance clients for their long-term insurance needs. Using the online platform, Huez offers a wide range of insurance products, focusing on longevity and health insurance products, and encourages their insurance partners to reach a larger customer base in the insurance retail market and improve their insurance sales. Huize provides digital product experience and services, including applicable product advice, consulting services, intelligent writing and assistance, which will greatly improve your marketing experience.

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