While some manufacturing companies are opening more facilities or focusing on different products, other companies are simply trying to expand their customer base. Industrial businesses looking to reach new target markets or introduce new products / services need an effective online marketing and sales strategy to achieve their business goals. That’s because B2B buyer behavior has changed – 73% of millionaires are involved in B2B purchasing decisions and use the internet to find new suppliers and partners.

Innovators and industrial companies rely on traditional marketing, such as customer networks and trade shows, to use digital marketing to gain more customers. Here are some ways to get started.

Is your website optimized to convert new customers?

Today’s purchase process begins online. That means (at least) you need a modern and up-to-date website. He Must be connected beyond your company name and contact information. Buyers want to know as much as possible about you. Are you safe? Which markets do they serve? Can your skills meet their project requirements?

Surveys have shown that industrial buyers make purchasing decisions It has had a huge impact Detailed technical information about the products / services you produce. Common content and pages that attract new customers –

  • Semi-level details
  • Abilities
  • Device and device details
  • Any high-level / significant projects

Some buyers only work with certified manufacturers or suppliers. But are your credentials online so you know about them? In the example below, the popular electric motors have an ISO certification page to download. The Renaissance Electric website shows a new leader who will download any such free offers.

An example of a popular electric website to produce quality assurances - how to get more customers

“We want to help educate our customers,” said Jeff Collins, a partner at Renaissance Electric. We now have an updated website with ebooks and blogs – our customers and prospects will truly appreciate the insight. We are now trusting leaders in various industries.

To encourage visitors to find you, make sure the forms are places on the pages of your website. If you publish an email address for buyers to submit RFQ, make sure you are monitoring these entries regularly. 44% of our 2021 industry buyer search experience surveys are expected to respond within 24 hours.

Results of a survey of industry buyers search habits

Can your customers find you online?

In addition to having an updated website, make sure the content you post has SEO techniques. Use keywords to search for your content, such as CNC machining New York or the “Custom Plastic Needle Food & Beverage Industry”. When your buyers use the relevant terms in your desired website, they add value to your online presence and increase your pages in search results.

Add your company information to local online directories for free to increase your reach. Manufacturers see the benefits of efficient SEO by keeping the company name, address and phone number in the index pages –

Your potential customers are looking for you online and on these platforms, so your company information is up-to-date and relevant to the directories. Publish photos of your products or services and use videos to encourage engagement. Videos can be translated and searched, making them one of the most popular channels for meeting customers, prospects and new employees.

Technology has reached the point where it can receive video over-the-top meetings and events – by sending us emails, collaborating on projects, hosting training, showcasing or marketing, interactive, professional-quality video, ”says Vimeo General Manager Anguli Sud.

Triad Magnetics uses a video ad-supported SEO-based ad on its Thomas profile: online submissions have seen a 57% increase in just two months since its launch.

To help you create a sustainable customer growth strategy on the ever-changing digital experiences, Thomas offers free digital health checks to manufacturers and industry distributors Want to better understand how their digital marketing efforts are being implemented and in what areas they can improve.

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Don’t forget about your current customers

Not all customers are created equal, but it is important to stay connected to everyone – once, it is a good practice to see how your former customers work. Your current customers are key to finding new ones.

Create regular email campaigns to stay connected. Ask them for feedback on how you can improve and encourage them to share your business with someone on the network or post a certificate on your Google reviews. You will learn what makes them happy and how they can be better – your email can serve as a reminder for a recurring business.

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Learn how to create content for each audience

Large or small, most organizations have DPeople involved in different stages of the purchase cycle. It may seem challenging to reach all of them, but it is really a great opportunity to create a number of focused messages (from above!) To influence different target audiences. Knowing what each interested person wants will help them speak their language more effectively – and give you the opportunity to be in the right place at the right time when you think of providers.

For an engineer, it may seem like a round of applause for a CFO. This is where potential customers are often targeted by manufacturing companies.

💡 Thomas Tip: Examining your target audience can be difficult. Take a look at the most worrying things in our 2021 survey results – industry buyer search practices

1. Engineers

These are your “technological leaders,” and they are all about details and abilities. In places like your free Thomasnet.com profile, engineers often want to provide as much technical information as possible, including machinery, CAD drawings, and product information, as they are often the first to realize the need for a new unit or technology. Earlier and your own site.

At the suggestion of our big customer, we started our online shopping at Tomnetnet.com. Boeing. TotonetNet.com. Com assured me that you first went to get information on suppliers. Theodosius, an advanced cover manufacturer. In the presence of decision makers when you need our products. ThomasNet.com is an efficient and effective way to do that. We add more customers per year at the same time. ThomasNet.com is perfect for companies that do not have a national sales force. ThomasNet.com acts as our sales force.

Every second, a buyer or engineer visits Tomasnet.com every second to find a source of products and find new suppliers – more than 1.6 million cooking sessions occur every month. If they are not listed, they will not be able to contact you.

List your business

Top users of Thomasnet.com buyers - how to get more production customers

2. Procurement professionals

The front lines of poisoning. They are doing a lot of footwork, so they want to make their work as easy as possible – the first step is to make sure you are a better partner than another provider. That means putting yourself in the place of drawing, demonstrating your understanding of the supply chain, and giving examples of your reliability and problem-solving skills.

💡 Thomas Tip Which buyers are looking for you? Let us show you with A A free custom backup report that lists the names and locations of buyers you actively produce for the products and services you provide.

3. Financial managers

There is always someone holding the wallet. These people are all about the bottom line, so show them how you are the best choice – if not the lowest bid. Price comes in many forms rather than near price – contact us for efficiency, quality and professionalism that will set you apart from the cheapest option. Have you saved money for customers in the past? Stories like these are a good start to show your long-term value. See how other leaders spend their marketing budget on 10 road manufacturers.

4. Diversity or quality officer

If you are talking to government agencies, contractors or public institutions, there is a good chance that they will have diversity standards, and many companies also have quality standards. Don’t worry about which criteria you meet – make your certificates as visible as possible.

5. Decision makers

Decision makers are usually anyone with the last word. It could be someone we talked to earlier, such as an engineer or CFO, or it could be a company executive or partner. Give each other of those target customers the tools they need to make the final decision for the person making the final decision — perhaps a combination of everything we talked about: technology, efficiency and value. Learn more about how to post digital marketing to your manager.

The next step is to get more customers

Building the right marketing strategy to help you achieve your business goals is more complex than can be summarized in one article. While industry companies can “go it alone”, it is a good idea to have an experienced partner in designing and creating unique online marketing strategies.

“Our business has grown from $ 24 million to $ 40 million over the last four years,” said Karen Norheim, president of the American Crane and COO. We have never been before, and we have reached people we have never met before.

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By Blespack, Inc. “Tomnetnet.com is an important business for our company by significantly increasing our brand recognition and allowing those who want the products and services we offer to connect with us in a real way,” said one executive. We are now able to maintain a business that is well-known in the region as well as in the national market and that we have not considered before.

Thomas has helped thousands of companies like you create online marketing strategies to help them achieve their business goals. We have been connecting manufacturers and B2B buyers for over 122 years – contact us to get started.

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