Don’t forget the essentials: Top 15 foods in Lucin

Like leukemia, amino acids help your body grow, repair tissues, and help others. Your body can make many types of amino acids, but not all of them. They are called essential amino acids that your body cannot produce (because Important To get them through food). Lucin is one of these essential amino acids.

Want to add your food to your menu with lots of leeks? We got it.

Louis in one service 3440 mg per cup. (Raw lentils)

Lentils are part of a witch family, and they have many varieties. The ingredient you choose may vary depending on the type of lentils, but all lentils contain a lot of protein and fiber.

According to research, lentils are a major source of prebiotics. (That’s the kind of carb that your body can’t digest completely, but your gut bacteria like to eat). This helps keep the intestines healthy and helps prevent intestinal infections.

Louis in one service 3080 mg per cup (sliced ​​or sliced ​​chicken breast)

Burn the cart or go to the bakery. Chicken is a versatile source of protein, so feel free to try it in a variety of cooking styles and flavors.

Chicken provides a lot of protein, but it does not provide many calories. If you want to lose or maintain weight, make it a delicious meal. One study found that combining chicken with vegetable-rich foods may help reduce your risk of obesity, cardiovascular disease and type 2 diabetes.

Louis in one service 2480 mg per cup. (Spanish peanuts)

Peanuts! Get your Peanuts here! Eating a cup of this fragrant snack provides protein, fiber and heart-healthy fats.

According to one large study, participants who ate peanuts and nuts at least twice a week and walnuts at least once a week reduced their risk of cardiovascular disease by 13 percent to 19 percent. They also reduced their risk of coronary heart disease by 15 percent to 23 percent.

Louis in one service 2370 mg per cup (2% low fat cottage cheese)

Thanks to its high protein content, cottage cheese is a staple food for active people. Most of the protein is from ketamine. (It is a slow digestive protein that can feed your body amino acids for a long time.) Although you ate cesarean protein in the morning or evening, a small study with 13 male participants showed that it helps to increase muscle mass. .

This creamy consistency makes cottage cheese a perfect substitute for ricotta cheese in lasagna or filled pasta shells. It also works well with breakfast cereals, berries, peanuts or seeds.

Louis in one service 1820 mg in 3 ounces service (minced beef)

Experts generally recommend eating red meat in moderation, but it can still be part of a balanced diet. The main ingredient of beef is protein, but it can also contain other nutrients such as fat.

Beef is also a good source of iron, especially heme iron. That helps prevent anemia and iron deficiency. Your body can absorb heme more effectively than iron (from plant foods). Heme iron can also help maintain iron stores and restore hemoglobin levels.

Louis in one service 1670 mg per cup.

Navy beans are great for soups, salads and more if you open a tin can or cook them in a dry place.

Not only are seaweed high in fiber, they are also a great source of fiber, protein and other nutrients. A small study with 14 overweight participants reduced the waist circumference by eating 5 cups of navy beans a week. They have low metabolic risks such as cholesterol and blood sugar.

Louis in one service 1370 mg in 3 ounces service (wild Atlantic salmon)

Things are becoming fish now! Salmon has a laundry list that brings it to the table because of its healthy fats, proteins and vitamins.

Salmon is the best source of omega-3 fatty acids EPA and DHHA. These fats are very important and can help improve swelling, blood pressure and blood vessel function. They go straight to your brain and can prevent memory loss and cognitive decline, especially if you enjoy it at least once a week.

Louis in one service 1060 mg in 7 ounces service (plain, low-fat Greek yogurt)

Skip the sugar-flavored yogurt and get to the plain, Greek versions. Not only are you getting more protein and leukemia, but you are also keeping your stomach aching. An old, small, 2013 study of 15 women found that participants who ate high-protein Greek yogurt felt more hungry and overeated compared to those who went on protein yogurt.

Your gut will also thank you for snacking on yogurt with proteolytics. According to research, live bacterial cultures can affect intestinal microbiology and improve intestinal health (such as constipation and diarrhea).

Louis in one service 794 mg per cup.

Although you can associate oats with oatmeal, they are also found in products such as granola. You can use oatmeal for baking and even add smoothies.

Oats are a great source of fiber, especially beef gluten. Research has shown that beta-gluten intake has many health benefits, such as improving heart health, blood sugar levels, and even kidney health.

Louis in one service 686 mg per ounce.

Save pumpkin seeds as you design your next jack-lamp. They taste good as a single snack, but they also blend well with granola, tray mix or baking utensils.

Pumpkin seeds come with a variety of ingredients. They are a rich source of magnesium, which is often deficient in Western diets. Magnesium helps support muscle and nerve function, and can also improve your sleep. A small study of 46 participants in 2012 found that older adults with insomnia improved their sleep capacity and duration by receiving 500 mg of magnesium daily.

Louis in one service 648 mg per 3 tablespoons serving

These seeds come from Cannabis sativa Plant, but they do not contain THC or CBD. The FDA recognizes hemp seeds as safe and recommends their use as a source of protein, carbohydrates or oil. They are great if you want a vegetable-based alternative to meat or milk.

Why are these nutrients an important vegetarian protein alternative? They are one of the few plants that contain the nine essential amino acids. In addition, omega-6 and omega-3 fatty acids (3-to-1) have a suitable ratio. This may help prevent chronic disease, according to a research study.

Louis in one service 616 mg per cup.

Soy is used in a variety of foods, such as tofu, soy milk, and soy protein. They contain high levels of phytoestrogens, similar to plant estrogen, which is similar to human estrogen. Although this has caused a great deal of controversy over health outcomes (especially in men), meta-analysis in 38 studies did not affect hormone levels in men.

These plant estrogens in soy may be good for your bone health. A study of women found that soy may help reduce or prevent osteoporosis.

Louis in one service 545 mg (1 large egg)

Boil an egg for a sweet breakfast or boil it for a high-protein snack. Either way, you get a lot of leukocytes, including B vitamins, selenium and some vitamin D.

It also contains antioxidant carotene, which makes eggs turn yellow. Research shows that giving your body enough carotenoids is important to keep your peers healthy.

Louis in one service 347 mg per 1 tablespoon service (dried spinach)

This blue-green algae grows in a variety of water bodies and is rich in protein, B vitamins and iron. According to one study, spleen and oxide have anti-inflammatory and anti-inflammatory properties.

To add a nice green color and a nourishing effect, it sprays a simple spice or juice into a poison or juice. You may notice a slight earthy smell and taste, but if you prefer, this can often be overshadowed by other flavors.

Louis in one service Serve 122 mg per 1 tablespoon

The next time you whip up a few fries or your favorite pasta, add a few tablespoons of sesame seeds. It gives a rotten and nutritious taste. You can also buy aka Tahini for sesame seeds. That was often used to prepare mounds and other meats.

While enjoying that satisfying sesame seed, they also receive valuable plant compounds called lingans. According to research, the anti-inflammatory properties of these tiny seeds can help reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease.

Leukin is one of the nine essential amino acids that help our body grow and repair itself. Thankfully, it is easy to add many to your diet using a wide variety of options that can satisfy any type of diet. Along with the benefits of lecithin, all of these nutrients provide other important vitamins and minerals that help prevent chronic disease.


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