We now have an exciting opportunity for the Director, Digital Product Management virtuwell. Virtual Digital Product Management is a key role to play in the vision, strategy, and delivery of digital products and practices. They win the digital product vision and lead the design and implementation of digital products that delight both internal and external customers. You will be responsible for overall product performance, product revenue growth, and the introduction of the new product or platform. This role works closely with senior management and product owners, engineers, QAs, physicians, and marketers to strategize, design, and launch new software and clinical products to address revenue growth.

You are the best if you have –

  • You are a product strategist who can understand Verwell’s unique assets, be sympathetic to the needs of consumers and physicians, and prevent the creation of a winning product strategy.
  • You are a public person. You will grow by inspiring time and developing leadership teams to understand individual contributions and points of view.
  • You can turn our product roadmap to meet changing and critical business needs to change priorities.
  • In the language of software development you can easily think, dream and explain things and easily plan and guide a complex software development path to bring solutions to life.
  • You can easily think, dream and explain things in clinical terms and easily explore the consumer and medical environments needed to design, build and launch simple, popular and affordable software and clinical solutions.
  • You are superior in performance. When necessary, you will wear the hat of the product owner, business analyst, project manager and quality assurance and roll up your sleeves to meet your team’s deadlines.
  • They love marketing that leads to simple consumer and clinical product experiences. They understand that simple experiences are born out of curiosity and attention to detail.
  • You will have the best practices for efficient development and you will be able to teach teams, mentor and manage teams in this area.
  • You have strong information and analytical skills and can use these skills to articulate critical customer insights, improve product design, and conduct development experiments.


  • Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, Information Systems Administration, Business Administration or equivalent.
  • At least 10 years experience in management.
  • If at least 5 years experience is selected as a software product leader or digital product leader.
  • Experience leading, inspiring, and building action-packed teams to design, develop, launch, and develop new digital products through a creative process and an efficient growth cycle.
  • In-depth experience in software product lifecycle management – new product and software design, software development, marketing, software product launch, implementation and strategic planning principles.
  • Experience in the field of Agile software development using scile or other fast-paced techniques, including experience with Jira or other workflow management tools.
  • Experience using data-based design based on consumer analytics and experiments.
  • Experience with complex applications in the mobile environment (APIs, third-party integration, data architecture design and mobile UX frameworks).
  • Become a market research expert, including consumer thinking and pricing.
  • Excellent written and verbal communication, personal and proven ability to influence and communicate.
  • Ability to work independently in an undisclosed location.
  • Excellent external partner and seller management experience.
  • A proven track record of successfully developing new and existing product lines.


  • It develops a clear view of market opportunities using the vision of our products, using individual, customer insights, clinical insights, business strategies and effective research.
  • Partners with senior management to define business strategies and goals for Verwell. It is responsible for translating these goals into product vision, strategy and roadmap, including short and long term goals. Involves team members to understand the product roadmap and their contribution to overall business strategies and goals.
  • Leading teams working to manage current Virtual product lines and future product maps to drive revenue growth and operational efficiency.
  • Recognizes, prioritizes and delivers product priorities in terms of consumer value, physician value and business value.
  • Controls product owners to collect input from suppliers, customers, operations, marketing and other business stakeholders, and then integrates that input into clear and accurate product standards and business value driven by business histories. It uses user testing, wire frames, prototyping, and efficient displays to ensure that designs meet customer needs. Ensures product standards are translated into constructive stories and acceptance criteria, which can easily help developers and QA drive into an efficient growth cycle.
  • Supervises product design on both software and clinical products by representing our product and ensuring simple customer experience.
  • It ensures that the production team understands business goals and translates those goals into the Sprint planning process. It works in partnership with the technology leader to resolve resource and priority conflicts. At the beginning of each race, he trains the production team to define goals and match racing characteristics with product goals.
  • Provides leadership and facilitates production decisions and priorities related to delivery that represents the customer during the product development lifetime.
  • Collaborates with cross-border leaders to ensure compliance with the product roadmap, implementation of movements, and moving towards market plans.
  • Each team member leads and leads a team that builds and executes high-performance product executives around the world, creating an environment where they can excel and excel.
  • Inspire all levels of the organization with your product vision and customer needs and collaborate with the best in all activities. This includes decision-making and avoidance of roadblocks, helping them move faster with difficulty, speed and transparency.
  • Measures market performance to ensure that they are delivering the promised value, including business results and revenue goals.
  • Works with external third parties to evaluate partnership and licensing opportunities.
  • The company collaborates with the market to define market-to-market strategy and product offerings to ensure that it can sell and win effectively.
  • Responsible for the supervision of employees who have the authority to hire, transfer, dismiss, promote, punish and dismiss, train, reward and evaluate staff performance. Ensures compliance with organizational and policy policies and procedures.
  • Ensures compliance with company policies and procedures and regulatory agencies in collaboration with legal and corporate fidelity areas as needed.

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