A.D. Founded in 2001, Adage® is a web design and development company that combines strategic thinking with technology needs to advance the goals of our customers. In collaboration with our clients, we bring together a diverse team of creative and technical professionals to create their digital strategies. The initial approach of our people will motivate us to win prizes, work with prominent customers and break ground with amazing technology. Adj has been recognized as one of the best and brightest companies in Chicago, one of the best places to work in Illinois, and one of the best places to work in Chicago.

Adda Digital Product Manager will guide our product strategy for ACE Commerce ™, SmartSeat ™ and future digital products. They take primary production to increase customer base and revenue by 50%. They identify market trends and opportunities at various angles to develop new ideas for products that can generate significant business value. This cross-platform and collaborative role manages each of our product levels, from defining and implementing the product vision, strategy and mapping to documenting new product characteristics, and collaborating with stakeholders and key users to measure impact.

Our big candidate is a creative problem solver with an analytical approach that can drive product vision.

What do you do –

  • Describe Adaje’s product strategy and take our product management practices to the next level
  • Provide an uninterrupted channel with our customers, end users and internal stakeholders to let everyone know about the product’s vision and upcoming releases.
  • Be a subject matter expert for ACE Business ™ and SmartSeat ™ products
  • Get to know each other better in the arts and culture, social and e-commerce space
  • Create, prioritize and shorten product maps and backlog
  • Work with a team of developers to deliver on the product roadmap
  • Write user stories and acceptance criteria
  • Identify market trends and opportunities for current digital products and future products
  • Describe, drive and transfer the product release process
  • Leading market and consumer research
  • Develop KPIs and metrics to evaluate the success and performance of products
  • Develop and execute plans for marketing
  • Drive ROI for both our customers and drive Adage product revenue growth

We need someone:

  • Has 5+ years of digital product management experience with active teams
  • Has 5+ years of experience in client face role in web or software development organization and / or consulting background
  • Certified technological knowledge and ability to understand complex back-end architecture (ecommerce more)
  • He has a track record of creating flawless customer trips using design thinking
  • He has experience in financial efficiency and product budget management
  • Can influence, direct and drive in matrix settings
  • He can learn quickly, strategically and independently
  • Recognizes and creates tangible clarity around abstract ideas
  • He has a strong business writing ability and presentation skills, especially through video conferencing
  • It can effectively convey a vision to a variety of stakeholders and team members
  • He is a team player who enjoys collaborating with developers and designers to build user-focused products
  • He is not afraid to ask questions
  • He is willing to oppose certain sets of traits or ideas in a positive and collaborative way
  • He has experience using JIRA to manage back records and road maps

What Adage offers
Adj is permanently recognized as one of the 10 best and brightest companies in Chicago, one of the best places to work in Illinois, and one of the best places to work in Chicago. We first have one people, and we support our staff with the most important things. You will enjoy flexible work schedules, working from home options, and 20+ days a year paid off. Adage offers 85% employer-paid insurance, profit-sharing bonuses, 401K and FSA benefits. We have a great office environment with monthly happy hours, quarterly social events, annual vacations, and a stocked kitchen.

Adje Technologies is proud to be an equal opportunity employer. We are committed to building a team that represents and respects diverse backgrounds, perspectives, and skill sets. All eligible candidates who share Adage’s core values ​​are strongly encouraged to apply.

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