Pampefref wants a strategic, visionary and business-minded leader to provide the best product experience for our eCommerce users and SaaS platform users. This leader will have a strong track record of leading Agile product owners by analyzing features, identifying high-value opportunities, and delivering metric-driven results. This position affects, drives, and exposes many facial user experiences as well as technologies and integrations of background systems. Controls the development of continuous strategies and road maps to drive business results across different channels.

Key responsibilities

  • Collaborate closely with CTO and CMO on strategic planning, priorities and implementation.
  • Leads the production technology team and maintains product roadmaps for ecommerce and SaaS platforms.
  • Owns and conducts production councils to determine the priorities and roadmap decision making.
  • Understands how business metrics relate to product use and can show clear ROI on feature investments.
  • It works with engineering to balance the supply of behaviors related to compliance, capacity building and quality.
  • Uses Agile techniques to prioritize and manage behavior development and supply.
  • Working with engineering, he develops new product concepts using MVP prototyping and A / B experimental approaches.
  • Responsible for delivering product solutions and benefits to customers and stakeholders; Including knowledge transfer and training for sustainable behavioral management.
  • Collects user feedback and platform usage metrics to guide product investment decisions
  • Works with customer support teams to measure and understand product performance and reduce support needs.

Qualifications for success;

  • Balance Stakeholders
  • Business Insights
  • Communicates effectively
  • Develops creativity
  • Customer Attention
  • Decision quality
  • It inspires vision and purpose

Success measures;

  • Total positive ROI for group-delivered products
  • Keep a list of acceptable stories to reduce group delays
  • A high quality software product that meets the desired business results has been achieved

Education and experience;

  • Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration (MBA preferred). Minimal or related experience CS or engineering.
  • 5 to 7 years of experience developing ecommerce and / or SaaS features that produce measurable market success.
  • Collaborate with other stakeholders to create strategies and roadmaps supported by metrics to identify activities and set measurable goals
  • Experience using Agile project framework and methods.
  • Identify business objectives, develop and implement a business strategy, establish clear / accurate measure of success, and make reliable business decisions during implementation can demonstrate a consistent track record and ability.
  • Able to understand technological solutions and potential business transmissions Technical knowledge – to convey technology concepts and expected results to business users.
  • Excellent written and verbal communication and presentation skills; Convenient presentation for executive level management.
  • Frontend customer experience focused on finding and retaining customers
  • Exposure to online retailer promotions, payments, security, product and other major functions
  • Customer feedback and platform performance tools and approaches can demonstrate effective use and how to feed and drive the product roadmap.
  • It should be very familiar with user behavior research from web analytics research tools / processes and conversion drivers

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