new York, July 28, 2021 (PRNewswire) – Deloit has formed a strategic partnership with the global cybersecurity leader Palo Alto Networks (NYSE: PANW) to provide integrated, end-to-end zero-security and multi-cloud cyber security solutions to their joint venture and government customers. Deloit ranks first in security consulting services in the Garner Market stock.

The coalition brings together Delloit Award-winning cyber consulting services and platform security capabilities for Palo Alto Networks to provide a wide range of solutions designed to simplify complex security infrastructure. The full value of their cyber security investments.

Cloud migration and the need to expand beyond perimeter-based security models to protect distributed applications, data, networks and devices for distributed workforce are part of the digital transformation that many companies are pursuing to stay creative and efficient. Similarly, organizations are adopting more flexible, integrated security solutions that minimize complex, costly security architecture and provide information-based, identity-based visibility on the floor of the attack.

as if ESG “The state of zero-confidence security strategies, ” Senior Analyst at ESG John Gradi, April 13, 2021With the advent of modern enterprise, zero-faith approaches are more relevant than ever. For user accessibility, at least by implementing rights claims or deploying today’s multi-cloud deployment between different aspects and maintaining relationships, zero reliability can provide a framework to protect even the most complex environments. Suddenly, he emphasized the need for a zero-tolerance approach to work-from-home models.

Deloit and Palo Alto Networks have jointly developed solutions for common customers through Zero Trust and Cloud Security Orchestra Automation and Response Services. The Alliance combines Deloitte’s integrated, risk and change management capabilities with Palo Alto Networks’ market-leading cyber security platform technologies, focusing primarily on the public sector, critical infrastructure, financial services, healthcare, life sciences, telecommunications and media industries. .

The solutions and their benefits include:

  • Zero Trust Enable; Deloitte Zero Trust’s provision includes cyber evaluation, strategy, design, configuration, and integration services that comply with Zero Trust Principles. The offer includes a wide range of security technologies in Palo Alto Networks, including identity management to accelerate zero trust / adoption of organizations, increase contextual policy decisions in places, mixed and private / public cloud environments. From our shared experience, balancing the Palo Alto Networks Security Portfolio with the Deloitte Zero Trust Framework can provide tangible benefits such as the ability to reduce security compliance costs by up to 40%, 80% reduction in accommodation time (to find out, time to respond and adjust), and total customer ownership He reduced costs by 35%.
  • Cloud Security Automation and Orchestra Deloit’s cloud security supply combines Palo Alto networks Prisma® cloud, The industry’s only general cloud-based security platform, and Cortex® XSOAR, Market-Extended Security Orchestra, Automation and Response Forum, with Deloitte Cloud Safety Framework and Cloud Safety Library. Customers will be able to build automated defenses, diagnostics and adjustment controls in their cyber vulnerability domains, integrate their security into their cloud deployment, and provide cloud security services in an innovative, integrated and fast approach. This helps to reduce customer risk windows from minutes or hours to real time and reduce the complexity and cost of the installation.

Enterprise-wide digital transformation requires a highly integrated, systematic and comprehensive change management. Incorporating security into digital-inspired fabrics allows for an efficient approach to cyber risk management — usually with the approval of Zero Trust, Automation and Orchestra —. Instead of anticipating the problem, change the risk by identifying and resolving security gaps at the beginning of the process. Deloit and Palo Alto Networks help our clients achieve their digital business goals while building secure and robust institutions. They said Kiran Norton, Deloit accident & Finance Consultant Infrastructure Solution Leader and CEO, Deloitte and Tuche LLP.

“Zero Trust and Cloud Adoption Deloit and Palo Alto Networks are unique trips to serve our customers. Deloit has extensive experience supporting major digital transformation, Palo Alto Networks’ integrated cybersecurity platform, cloud-based attack capabilities, providing secure access anywhere, and driving visibility and compliance with infrastructure and the cloud. ” Prime Air, Vice President of Environmental Ecology, Global Systems Coordinator, Palo Alto Networks.

Deloitte and Palo Alto Networks Integrated Zero Trust Enabling and Cloud Security Automation and Orchestra Solutions are currently available in the United States.

Gartner, Market Share – Security Consulting Services, Global, 2020, Elizabeth Kim, April 6, 2021

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