It closes smartly

Zendsk received an automatic start with an unknown total of artificial intelligence (II).

To help users automate multiple processes and applications around customer support management, customer service vendor Cleverley technology will be integrated into the entire Zendsk portfolio, he said.

Zendsk CEO VP Production, Shauna and Wolverhampton, said the volume of conversations is increasing by more than 20 percent a year, which has led many businesses to look to the AI ​​to help provide reliable and efficient customer service. Uses customer support tickets to prioritize and transfer, help identify identity gaps, and use smart machine learning to answer common customer questions with agents or for self-service.

“Today, our AI-enabled capabilities enable businesses to automate conversations with customers, increase proxy productivity, and increase performance through features such as replies, macros, and content hints. We offer a wide range of skills that will enable us to intelligently implement key insights, reduce craftsmanship and improve workflows, and generally lead to happier, more productive support groups, ”said Wolverton.

This is not Zandsk’s first acquisition. The seller launched its customer service, smooth, in 2019 for an unknown total. He also bought a US-based database to develop software to analyze sales data.

Contentsquare finds Hotjar

Our second discovery this week is Contentsquare. Digital Experience Analyst Analysis is joining forces with Hotjar, which provides a platform for SMB marketing experience.

According to the statement, the agreement will enable the companies to serve the global market from one end to the other and from SMB to enterprise. The joint venture has more than 1,000 employees worldwide, but the companies plan to continue working separately in the future.

Contentsquare’s sixth acquisition in two years comes after ContentSer raised $ 500 million in consecutive E funding to $ 2.8 billion. Since then, Contentsquare has expanded its portfolio, launched three new products, and expanded its global reach. Clients include BMW, IKEA, Microsoft, Rakuten, Sephora, The North Face and Verizon.