Omaha, Neb., August 18, 2021 / PRNewswire / – Andrew Hamil He was hired as a distribution manager Omaha-Established Implementation Wind. Hamil has spent the past five years leading broker distribution and strategy Legal and General America. At Brez, Hamil expands Brexit’s distribution of the Violence Technology online platform to agents, brokers general agencies (Biga) and private market organizations (IMOs).

“As we open Bresis to agents and consultants, we are delighted that Andrew has joined the team to lead our distribution efforts. Disability insurance is an incredibly important cover, but it is not widely sold due to the complexity of the product, generally due to its affordable price. And writing challenges. “Andrew’s experience and interest in insurance will enable our digital products to be quickly acquired by agents and consultants around the country.” Colin Nabness, Co-founder and co-founder of Brez.

Hamil also helps distribute product distribution channels through Brexit, an online insurance broker Recently announced a $ 10 million Series A round.

“I am thrilled to have joined Brezen to build the distribution team and expand our reach. Brez has grown tremendously through the consumer channel and the next natural step is to raise the bar for brokers, give Bresn to the agents and collaborate with the BGAs. And IMOs, ”said Hamil.

Although one in four Americans has a disability during the working years, disability insurance remains a relatively untapped market. Lack of consumer education, in addition to the complex application and writing process, prevents the average consumer from purchasing the product.

“Industry statistics tell the story: 51 million working Americans are uninsured. More than 100 million people do not have long-term disability insurance. That powerful and current process shows that it is not doing its job because it cannot provide coverage for those who need it. This is a problem and a great opportunity, and this is what Bress is facing, ”said Hamil.

With 31 years of experience, Hamil has a deep understanding of issues affecting the insurance industry. Brez believes he is in a good position to solve these problems.

“I have long believed that the way insurance is bought and sold must change. The dominant cultural process still does not meet the needs of American workers and their families. As Brez’s distribution manager, I can join. That is a movement for change, ”said Hamil.

Before his time in Legal and General America, Hamil holds leadership and sales management positions at Genworth Financial, Productive Financial, and a large national brokerage firm. If the insurance industry launches its business as an agent for Prudential Financial, it will fully understand the importance of consumer protection products.

Hamil graduated Penn State University (’90) Degree in Economics and derived from CLU CHFC designations American College. Eager to help others, he is very active in the insurance industry and the local community. He is currently sitting on the board of directors NAILBA Charity Foundation, Has worked in various board positions with other industry and charitable organizations, and is a student counselor for children in need of programming with the local middle school.

About the wind:
Brez is a mission-oriented violence company that focuses on helping individuals and families prepare for the unexpected. Using industry skills and innovative technology, our remote team is building a better way to buy life-saving time-savers — such as cancer, heart attack and risk factors. Polish policies can be used to help with lost paychecks, large medical bills, and more.

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