new York–(Business Wire) -Child technology company Blucore, which is re-evaluating how fast-growing retail products are turning daily consumers into lifelong customers, has announced the winners of the 2021 Retail Renewal Awards. In its first awards program, BlueCor will honor retailers and digital teams from the following brands. Explain, Bass Pro and Cabella, Foot Lock, Inc., Heritage brands, And Leaf group.

Bluecore launched the awards to identify, identify and honor retailers and digital teams in one of the most challenging transitions for retail. The winners of the 2021 Retail Renewal Award have successfully undergone a renovation, Or one of the most important macroeconomic changes of our time to reorganize their organizations, technologies and investments to keep pace with industry and consumers. These retail leaders are laying the groundwork for long-term stability in the new business era, as the speed at which consumers find, evaluate and buy is changing rapidly.

The 2021 Retail Renewal Awards showcases products and leaders who have achieved outstanding results in the field of redesigning, redesigning, and redesigning leaders: 50 percent Add ioine to email inbox: 500 m + Sends a private email; And a 30 percent reduction Send total email volume.

The winners of the 2021 Retail Renewal Award are as follows

  • Winner Strategic Marketer of the Year – Amanda Craig, Director of Customer Relations Channels, Express

  • People’s Choice Winner – Melissa La Ross, Digital Communications, Bass Pro and Cabella

  • The most powerful privacy winning app – ModCloth

  • Overall Business Impact Winner – Heritage Brands

  • Wise Use of Retail Information Winner – Jessica Frost, Chief Email Marketing and Communications Officer,

  • BlueCore Immediate Winner – Daniel Khan, Senior Manager Retention Manager, Society6 Leaf Team

  • Winner of the Year: Retail CEO – Naven Ceshadri, Global Chief Digital Officer, Foot Lock, Inc.

  • Competitive Edge Prize Winner-Brooks Run

  • Winner of the Year: Blue Moon Digital, Inc.

  • Best New Live Consumer Program Winner: CITY Furniture

  • BlueCure Gold Certified Champion Winner – Adam Phil, Senior Email Marketing Analyst, Jockey

  • Best Digital Experience Design Winner BHLDN

“Over the past year, we have managed to capture the number of seemingly endless opportunities for digital-first-world opportunities,” said Fauz Mohammed, CEO of Blucory. “The winners of the 2021 Retail Renewal Award represent retail leaders who have made significant contributions to overcoming challenges in this time of change and have provided enlightenment, transparency and purpose in their path to innovation.

By Foot Locker, Inc. He said he is committed to developing customer experience and building personalized, information-based relationships with our customers digitally and across all platforms.Developing the deep understanding that drives our clients, and engaging effectively and actively with them, are key to building strong and lasting relationships, creating unparalleled experiences and bringing growth.

At GreaterGood, he said, we are using and using the most important data combination – customer identity, customer behavior and product catalog data – to make each case unique to individual buyers and subscribers. .com. “With these insights, we can move at the user’s pace and personalize experiences and campaigns to increase engagement on customer touch points.

At Society6, we are passionate about connecting buyers with their favorite products, and to do that we need to fully understand the proximity of our customers to specific products and product categories. ” , Society6 by Lif Group. “Our team is honored to be recognized in the Retail Rewards Award, especially at a time when it is a challenge for retailers on the board that we have developed over the past year.

Working with Bluecore allows us to plan and design strong marketing plans for our customers’ email programs, ”said Blue Moon Digital, Inc.Their technology, combined with our strategy and performance, not only satisfies our customers but also creates a terrifying partnership that forces them to pursue their goals. We are honored that our team is known and pleased to see how we continue to support the success of our common customers.

Last year, Bluecore selected the winners in a nomination process that assessed the impact of each team and leader on the retail space. Complete details about prizes, selection methods and winners are available here.

About Bluecore

Bluecore is a marketing technology company that is rethinking how fast-growing retail brands are turning daily consumers into lifelong customers. With proprietary consumer and product synchronization and branding ሉ, ኮ ኮ ኮ ኮ ኮ ኮ ™ ™ ኮ ኮ ኮ አሁን አሁን አሁን አሁን አሁን አሁን አሁን አሁን አሁን አሁን አሁን አሁን አሁን አሁን አሁን አሁን አሁን አሁን አሁን አሁን አሁን አሁን አሁን አሁን አሁን አሁን አሁን አሁን አሁን አሁን አሁን BlueCorre replaces handiwork processes with a smart, AI-enabled workflow that allows brands to manage these interactions through a single interface. A.D. When the company introduces its first joint-success pricing model in 2019, the company will be of great value to itself. It is now recognized for more than 400 brands, including Express, Tommy Hilfiger, North Face, Teleflora and Bass Pro stores, doubling marketing growth and customer retention, age value and overall speed.