Dowsche Bank – Digital currencies could dominate by 2030

In the world of blockchain and the digital currency, many fiat currencies are forecast to be replaced by currencies and digital currencies.

The report acknowledges that many “10-year forecasts” are in many ways misleading before raising concerns about the stability of many currencies.

The forces that hold the current fiat system together now look weak and could be resolved by 2020. If so, that will put you back on fiat money and start asking for alternative currencies like gold or crypto.

The report argues that inflation, which accompanied the unprecedented fiat exchange rate, was affected by China’s “one-size-fits-all” market for world labor.

Over the past four decades, China’s population has been the largest contributor to global inflation. At the time of globalization and regulation in the world economy, there was an unusual increase in global labor supply at work.

When China’s demographic structure reverses from the effects of inflation, the author points out that inflation is likely to return and that with it, the value of Fiva currencies will be high. Along with this, the couple’s control barriers to digital currencies are a major barrier to adoption, as well as the need to stabilize the value of digital assets (ie, stable coins).

In particular, China’s dynamic position in relation to the central bank’s digital currency (especially the central bank).CDC) Is moving to other currencies following the appropriate driver to other countries. Deutsche Bank Research supports customer demand for digital payments:

according to [Deustch Bank] In primary research, nearly two-thirds of consumers prefer to convert cash into cash payments, and one-third are concerned about anonymity. These two currencies are much better.

No predictions can be made without concerns about the environmental impact of digital currencies (myths are still widespread), but as cyber-attacks increased, there was a risk of relying on electricity to support all payments in the economy. Surprising point. This is really a risk based on all electronic payments.

This report is the cornerstone of digital currency to replace faces with stable coins and CCD. Focuses on, and peer-to-peer systems still work for CCC. It does not determine if they can compete with central systems.

It is amazing to see such bold predictions on digital asset adoption, which clearly shows that other banks are following the lead of other banks.

Amazon accepts Bitcoin as payment – job advertisement raises speculation

Rumors of that much international e-commerce company have recently spread Amazon At the end of this year, bitcoin may move to receive payments from customers. If it is true – along with others who have moved to receive crypto payments in recent years – Amazon will bring a segment of assets that have been isolated from major financial institutions in the near future.

What is certain is that it will be Amazon soon Has issued a job advertisement Access to digital currency and blockchain product leader, accessible to anyone –

Build domain knowledge in blockchain, distributed accounting, Central Bank digital currencies and cryptography, drive overall vision and product strategy, and acquire leadership acquisitions and investments for new skills..

Following Amazon’s announcement, The London CT newspaper published a story, Citing an unnamed “insider” who claims to have an inside look at Amazon’s plans to push itself further into the crypto space this year.

An unnamed source said Amazon and other major digital currencies are looking to accept Bitcoin as a payment method by the end of the year. “Ready to Roll”. According to the “internal” statements, including “Looks Like We’re Going to Impersonation”, Accepting digital currencies a “Birth Mark”.

Before the “internal” report, Amazon He told CNBC for the news website, “They are inspired by the invention of cryptography” And looking to the future to build on new technologies that allow faster and cheaper payments.They look forward to bringing that future to Amazon customers as soon as possible. ”.

However, since the insider’s comments surfaced, Amazon’s spokesman has denied Amazon’s “specific plans.” Email statement To Bloomberg (Payment Wall), Amazon has a strong interest in the digital currency space, The hypothesis surrounding cryptocurrencies is not true.

Other companies are moving to accept digital currency payments, such as Dipal, which, like Paypal, has been allowing customers to select, sell, sell and hold encryption in the United States since May (as previously written). over here), And Tesla – Elon Musk recently in Crypto Council for Innovation B-Conference (Watch the video at 30:42) It will soon continue to accept Bitcoin as a payment, which is not surprising if it is on Amazon’s agenda.

With more and more major companies exploring cryptography as a way of paying customers, who is next?

Digital or print? Henny began experimenting with “currency”

Applications are closed and participants are in a good position to participate Henny A recent experiment based on the collection of contemporary artist Damien Heritage. HENI, a global arts services business, aims to rethink the way Unreadable tokens They are used.

“Currency” is a collection of 10,000 works of art, each hand-painted and randomly scattered colored dots. Each work of art is numbered, a special message, the artist’s microphone and a stamp and NFT created for each work of art.

For $ 2,000 buyers now have a choice – buy the NFT for physical art or put NFT in their art and watch them burn their physical art. Those who do not purchase NFT within a year may choose to have a digital one.

Herst designed the collection to explore the concept of value behind paintings and money. In the video, Herst shares his desire to see questions in order to continue the collection digitally or physically and repeats his view that faith is the key to supporting money or business.

Herst designed the collection to explore the concept of value behind paintings and money. In Video Herst shares his desire to see questions in the collection digitally or physically and repeats his view that faith is the key to supporting money or business.

As NFTs continue to pay attention and the market for digital collectors continues to grow, this is a clear attempt to explore how buyers work.

All NFTs in Palm block, The NFT ecosystem built on Ethereum is particularly energy-efficient and fast-moving. The sales offer is over Six times The deadline for subscribers and buyers to make a decision is July 27, 2022.