In the realm of film dreams, Kevin Costner will one day play an Iowa farmer who has the vision of turning his corn fields into a baseball field. The vision was accompanied by the voice of the farmer: “If you do, they will come.” He listens to the voices of his neighbors and his wife, and begins to turn his farmland into a baseball field.

In fact, the farmer is skeptical of building a baseball field in central Iowa to save himself and his family financially. But he convinced him that his voice would be constant and that no matter how unhelpful he was, if he built the field, and if he built it properly, he would get people from all over the world to come and watch baseball. And these people pay.

The farmer does what the voice asks, and not only do people come, but the past American baseball players are starting to show up with corn chicks. The field was a great success, and the farmer’s life changed dramatically.

“If you build it” lie

Well, that’s all well and good in Hollywood, but it doesn’t work that way in the real world. At least not anymore. If they are still building among many entrepreneurs and aspiring entrepreneurs and women – that is, if a big product or people come up with a great idea that they want or want – their customers will come in bulk, just like the movie.

At the local level, this attitude is not so problematic. Think about living in a small town; Space and resources limit this to the success of every brick and mortar business. And if they deliver a good product, they are more likely to reach customers thanks to the quality of their products and unique circumstances. But, if you are reading this, you may find yourself in a very different situation.

In the next digital revolution that is improving every aspect of what we do and think about business, the idea of ​​“let the product speak for itself” is obsolete. Now everything is online, which means there is competition for everything. Even with the best products in the world, they will not come easily unless you make them stand out in the field.

Unfortunately, one of the highlights of the new business era is that everything is changing all the time. Techniques to make your product and brand stand out even more than a year ago must be changed or adapted to the current environment or may be outdated.

The Five Essentials of Digital Marketing

In 2021, we talked to a successful entrepreneur, founder of AdsProfit, and occasionally Benzinga, to find out how this all works to get the landscape and get your brand out there and highlight the best way to bring traffic and customers. Contributor Dennis Lagutenko. The purpose of the discussion was to find our readers, startups, and any business that wants to grow in the digital space to find useful and relevant approaches. With the help of Dennis, we have brought together the 5 most important digital sectors for those who want to invest.

Video and streaming

This was immediately after the beating. There is currently nothing more important in the marketing space than video and streaming content. Why did this happen? Because, psychologically, people are changing. Generally speaking, when given a choice, people choose the one that offers the least resistance, the one that pleases them. Viewing content is more fun and easier than simply reading. But that doesn’t mean you have to focus on making your products glitter, TV style ads, Dennis. “The media is the message,” says Marshall McLean, and our medium is the Internet.

As a medium, the Internet is very different from television and advertising. Knowingly or unknowingly, people want a different kind of content than ever before. That’s why investing in video and streaming is now the key. You have to be on top of everything that happens. If you make content at home or hire a company, you will want the content that is up-to-date, not the heritage of the past. So you have to do some research. Find out what he is doing now and especially with your target audience and run with him.

Internet of Things

Depending on your point of view, we live in a paradise or in hell where everything is connected. From the opposite sex apps to thermostats, all the products people use are in constant contact with each other. Philosophical and moral considerations aside, this is an opportunity for business.

Simply put, there is more information about users than advertisers can do. If you are willing to invest some time and money, everything is being recorded, and most of the information is available to you. In terms of reaching the target audience, this can be a very important investment. If you are willing to invest here, you can find out what your customers want more than they know for themselves, and that is invaluable.

Email and automation

This may be a bit of a surprise, as e-mail is becoming more and more common in the industry. But according to Dennis, if you know how to use it, email is still a gold mine.

Statistics suggest the same thing. There are more than 2 billion people in the world who use email. If you are working, you may have to check your email all day. Now we all know how frustrating marketing emails can be. However, that email marketing should not be construed as ineffective. Like all other strategies in this list, email marketing is an art form.

Moreover, according to the direct marketing association, the investment profit in email marketing is as high as 43,000%. The value is there, you need to know how to get it.

Account-based marketing

This is one of the newer areas of digital marketing. The idea behind ABM is simple – instead of going to the ground, reach out to those who can market and lead a strategy, you need to keep your content and presentation as close to your client as possible. We now have a lot of consumer and customer information at our fingertips, the key is to use that data to modify our transaction.

Your customers and consumers do not want to work on foot to find out what your platform or product needs. The more direct and personalized it is, the more results you will see on your site and content.

Content marketing

Like video and streaming, this is kind of obvious. However, we are sorry if we do not take it seriously. Everyone involved in online marketing today is producing content, but that makes it stand out for businesses. To make your content stand out and your business visible, you need to be able to produce high quality content that communicates with your target audience.

According to Dennis, content marketing in today’s environment is not just a destination product or platform. Marketers need to start thinking more and more over time, especially in the long run. You want your customers to travel with you, not just once. Quality content that breathes life into your brand can open up those long journeys.

As with today, what is currently working may be outdated in the near future, so you need to have a flexible approach in each of these five areas to adapt to changing circumstances. However, these five areas are important, and if you want to really improve your marketing game and grow your company, here’s where you need to invest your time and money.