Bohemia, New York, Aug. 16, 2021 (Globo News) – Amplite Group, Inc. (Nasdaq AMGP), Designer, Manufacturer and Manufacturer of 5G / 6G for Satellite Communications, Space, Telecom, and Defense Markets, today for the second quarter and 2021 The first six months (Q2’21 and 6M’21) reported financial results and evaluated growth.

Ampltech is the world’s leading developer of low-noise (LNA) components that increase the signal strength of radio signals by eliminating distortions or “noise” that can distort or damage digital signals. Amplite believes that LNA technology can play an important role in enabling high performance and bandwidth improvements in satellite communications and achieving gigabit data transfer speeds in next-generation 5G networks.


  • Q2’21 revenue rose 55% to $ 1,024,410 from $ 660,699 in Q2’20 and 117% to Q1’21.
  • Amplitek’s order was postponed until August 16thTh Contract hardware and engineering services were expected to reach $ 2.45M over the next three to six months, with $ 2.4 million closing in Q1’21.
  • Secure LNA order from Fortune 500 International Defense and Flight Company for the expected shipment in Q3’21.
  • Custom LNAs secured $ 0.5M in orders in July for use in ground stations for geotechnical orbit (LEO) and medium orbital satellite (GEO) satellites. Transportation is also expected in Q3’21.

Highlights of the first six months

  • A.D. In the first half of 2021, it completed the financial restructuring and Nasdaq listing, earning $ 29.8 million for work by June 30th. The capital is supporting expanded product development, sales and marketing and infrastructure investments, and provides the financial strength needed to engage with international customer expectations beyond the reach of Ampltech.
  • $ 1 million in debt, $ 0.2 million in SBA loans, $ 0.4 million in scientific equipment to promote product development and testing, and a strategic investment in SN2N, a partner in secure LNA chip development.
  • Successful design for the AmpliTech LNA product line that reaffirms the industry leader’s performance, high strength and low energy (and heat dissipation). The AMPG LNA components provide satellite constellations and mobile devices, as well as the cooled cryogenic LNA components for quantum computing systems and signal performance required for in-depth space research.
  • The development, production testing, and design integration of LNA chips began with hardware encryption to enhance the power of 5-point networks that provide compressed water flow and security to enable expanded content and data distribution as well as IoT device adoption.
  • Targets a wide range of sales and marketing teams and major original manufacturing companies as well as system integrators to significantly expand the company’s address market.
  • Established on-site testing laboratory to accelerate new product development by reducing variable R&D costs and increasing quality control.

“Our Q2 results show a gradual return to normal planning and procurement for projects that could provide a game-changer for our high-end financial position, and our low-noise solutions. -Changing performance and ROI. Importantly, our Reinforcement Amplification will enable it to participate for the first time in the vast majority of customer expectations that we were previously unable to meet.

We are making strategic investments in product development, sales and marketing, as well as personnel and infrastructure, in order to better deploy Amplite for the growth opportunities we see in many markets, including satellite communications, real 5G infrastructure construction, quantum computing and space exploration.

“We are delivering semiconductor chip-based solutions aimed at launching our decades-old experience and industry-leading signaling technology by mid-next year to address these huge and comprehensive long-term opportunities. In these next-generation LNA solutions, we have the highest customer demand, built in hardware security, minimal fingerprint and low price point — very convincing ROI for customers.

Device expansion and bandwidth requirements from cloud computing, content streaming, IoT applications, autonomous vehicles, quantum computing and space exploration.

Amplite is committed to being a key supplier of supporting satellite, 5G and other radio frequency communication infrastructure to address these growing needs. Given our highly strengthened financial, production and industry position and the most suitable industry background, we expect great potential for our company in the coming years.

We expect our industry-leading product performance, new product offerings and cost-effective digital bandwidth to grow exponentially for AmpliTech in the coming years. We are also working to identify additional business purchases that can enhance our customers’ capabilities, fingerprints and value added.

Our business development efforts are progressing well as the basis for custom designs as well as new customer discussions leading to initial product testing. Despite the project delays and customer impact associated with the COVID-19 pandemic, along with related supply chain challenges, we expect overall market conditions to improve on the 2021 scale. Overall, we will focus on balancing our growth investment with our revenue stream and marginal profile to transform the business into positive cash flow and profitability.

Q 2’21 Results
Q2’21 revenue in Q2’20 rose 55% to $ 1,024,410 from $ 660,699 in Q2’20 and reflects a return to normal business conditions and COVID-related customer disruption, reflecting the company’s expanded sales efforts. -19 Epidemic. Amplitek rebuilt its order delays during a strong delivery period, causing a $ 2.45M current fall for the year.

Gross profit reflected 522% to $ 344,623 in Q2’21 compared to $ 225,988 in Q2’21 and a relatively stable total of 33.6% in Q2’20 compared to Q2’20 compared to 34%.

Sales, gross and administrative expenses in Q2’21 range from $ 442,457 to $ 442,457 mainly to support long-term growth in sales, marketing, R&D, management, administration, administrative and public-company activities and employees. Q2’21 also incurred an estimated $ 116,000 at the time, offsetting the company’s $ 232,200 profit in Q2’21 to clear the company’s PPP debt.

AmpliTech reported Q2’21 net loss ($ 472,695), or ($ 0.055) per share compared to Q2’20 net ($ 243,268), or ($ 0.10). Weight on average increased to 8,863,517 shares in Q2’21, reflecting shares in the company’s joint stock in the first half of 2021, compared to 2,476,816 shares in Q2’20. As of August 10, 2021, Amplitek had 9,343,671 shares.

balance sheet
At the end of Q2’21, AmpliTech had a total operating capital of $ 28.7 million in cash, cash equivalents and market security.

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AmpliTech Group, Inc. Designs, develops and manufactures modern radio frequency (RF) components for global satellite communications, telecom (5G and IoT), space, defense and quantum markets as well as systems and components. Design Consulting Services. Amplitech has a 13+ year record for high performance, customized solutions to meet the unique needs of some of the largest companies in the global industries we serve. We are proud of our team’s unique skills, experience and commitment to deliver superior solutions, fast delivery to the market, competitive prices and excellent customer satisfaction and recurring business.

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