London- (Business WireBoston Digital Consulting Group (BCG) is a leader in corporate innovation and business development. September 1 as Managing Director and Partner.

For the past four years, Rey has been a leader in London-based Machine Max, a breakthrough machine analysis service that has helped construction and mining companies increase machine productivity and profitability. A.D. Prior to becoming CEO in 2018, he led the BCGDV team that created and built the business.

Under the leadership of Ray, Machine Max continues its revolution in the heavy equipment industry, growing its business to build more than $ 300 million worth of assets in construction, mining and industrial companies in 30 markets on six continents. Machine Max was fully purchased by Shell in July 2021.

“Over the past four years, it has become a dream come true for entrepreneurs like me – to take the original idea and change the world, win prizes and turn a lasting legacy into a big successful business,” said Amit Ray. Director and Partner, BCGDV. “Now, I look forward to using my unique insights and experiences to join the BCGDV team and inspire the next wave of corporate success stories.

“As Amit has done, it is always fun, but even more exciting, to join our work,” said Stephen Gros-Selbeck, managing director and global manager of BCGDV. Partner. “Over the past seven years, we have launched more than 160 new digital businesses around the world, and as we continue to build, scale, and innovate with leading world organizations, Amit’s amazing track record and skills will be invaluable.

“We have more corporate partners than ever before to create and grow disruptive digital businesses, products and platforms, and we have had the most successful year to date,” said Maji, Director and Senior Partner and Regional Leader, Western Europe, South America and Africa (WESA). “Amit’s business development experience and corporate knowledge, combined with deep digital knowledge, will add even more fuel to our already impressive WESA leadership team.”

Ray is a graduate of Harvard (MBA) and the Indian Institute of Technology. He began his career at Microsoft before joining McKinsey & Co, which led technology teams in the US and Europe. He has led global marketing activities in 100+ countries and with a budget of $ 1 billion, leading global marketing activities at the # 1 Place Forum, AMEA and APAC and the Consumer Section.

Failed parenting was the motivation behind Ray’s early start with Harvard Alum. Originally a self-supporting, let’s create a group calendar app for school communities, it was named the best Apple App Store of 2017, and it took the business to a successful exit. Ray In 2017, BCGDvin became the Director of Venture Architects, enabling teams of product managers, engineers, designers, strategists and development experts to anticipate, build, and launch businesses that disrupted markets.

Ray is also a leading Atelier technology executive who wants to digitalize and simplify the global supply chain of jewelry industry.

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