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By Amit Kale

Research shows that most companies that prioritize customer experience earn up to 8% higher revenue and establish top leadership in the competition. how? This is because 73% of consumers say that good experience plays an important role in their product loyalty. Also, when and where consumers engage with trademarks and retailers has increased steadily over the past decade and now dictates the direction that consumer products and retailers should take.

Comfort, personalization, and user preferences are of great importance in the user experience in this context. Retailers and consumer products have been easily transformed into omnichannel platforms to enhance and optimize customer experience across a variety of online and offline channels.

However, the key to delivering a great omnichannel customer experience is to have an in-depth understanding of buyers, their triggers and factors at different stages of the purchase process. To do this, it is important to keep information at the customer interaction point.

Four aspects of enabling success
Create endless bandwidth – Businesses using Omniquel Strategy should look at their performance and engagement strategy across all channels. As the stockpile in physical stores decreases, engagement with users moves online. As a result, consumers may be frustrated if they do not make the right choice. A Microsoft service with endless bandwidth enabled and digital extended shelf space allows store staff and customers to access items online while in the store.

Enable Virtual Experiment Experience: Classroom-based virtual reality testing capabilities can help consumers create their own virtual model, test products and shop online without going into the store, alleviating the risk of social unrest.

Enabling omnichannel POS – POS terminals are limited in functionality and do not match the capabilities of online channels in terms of managing complex promotions, consumer loyalty and product placement and packages. Traditionally, this has made both channels (store and online) live in Silos, making it difficult to use online promotions, online placements and packages in POS.

Here, using the power of Microsoft services and implementing automated business principles, POS and online channels can connect seamlessly, making it a truly omnichannel experience.

Consumer Location – Most brands have rich websites and apps to facilitate online shopping. Still, these are rare for consumers who prefer to spend most of their online day on chat apps, video sites, illustrations and social media.

Today, the goal is to collaborate with the consumer on the consumer choice digital platform and enable seamless shopping. For example, when talking to a friend about a new pair of shoes, the consumer should be able to order them without leaving the chat room. Also, the person watching the video on YouTube should be able to order the oil from the video about changing the oil on the bike.

Final Thoughts
In each omnichannel interaction, retailers that enhance the customer experience by establishing these three principles can create stronger relationships with the consumer.

  • Involve consumers in their choice of points during their daily digital journey
  • Personalize the experience on all engagement channels
  • Enable non-conflict, omnichannel experience

Author Chief Executive Officer, Infosys Equinox (Infosys’ digital e-commerce platform)

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