San Jose, California – (Business WireWestern Digital Corporation (Nasdak: WDC) has announced a major step forward in the continuous implementation of its storage portfolio strategy by establishing separate business units for Flash and HDD technology values. Flash Business and HDD Business are each led by a general manager and align the company’s comprehensive portfolio with an accelerated strategy designed for growth, profitability and development efficiency. By providing both Flash and HDD market leader innovations with a focus on high-end product development companies, Western Digital Strategy aims to take advantage of strong market-to-market and operational integration and meet a wide range of customer storage needs from edge devices to cloud infrastructure.

He also announced the appointment of Robert Digital SoderBerry, Vice President of Western Digital, and General Manager of the new Flash Business Division. Thirty-year-old technology and business veteran, Soderberry is responsible for all Flash portfolio strategy, product development and product development, and leads engineering and product management teams focused on providing the company’s Flash innovation. The company has confirmed that it is looking for an executive manager to manage HDD.

“I have a strong belief in the vast market opportunity of rapidly adopting a technology architecture built on cloud infrastructure and connected to high-performance networks. As people and businesses continue to use this building and use it in the development of data to provide new applications and experiences, the importance and value of storage technology everywhere in this architecture has never been clear, ”said David Goicler. Western Digital CEO. “Western Digital Product Strategy integrates a strong market to market engine with a unique product portfolio on both Flash and HDD. The company is uniquely positioned in the cloud-based digital business era, with a focus on drive innovation to support a wide range of usage applications in Flash and HDD product development.

“On board, Rob is finding a highly experienced business leader who has successfully led Western Digital, the most enviable product franchise, and has brought in deep technology and product management skills to the company,” Gobbleler added. “Thought Leader Rob has been leading global creative teams for over a decade and makes us the general manager we want to run our flash business. I look forward to working with you and welcome you to the company. ”

A successful technology industry veteran, Soderberry will join Western Digital, leading engineering and product development companies at Cisco and Symantec / Veritas for over thirty years. During his tenure, he was the Vice President and CEO of $ 20 Billion + Enterprise Network Business, managing the company’s largest product franchise and managing the International Development Corporation. Prior to the CCC, Soderberry was a senior vice president at Symantec / Veritas, which led a mission management team focused on mission-critical organizational systems. Soderberry is a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering from the California Institute of Technology and a professor of electrical engineering at Stanford University.

In my experience, product innovation is the result of great ideas and dynamic markets. What inspired me about Western digital flash trading is the ability to grow every exciting end-to-end market in technology, including cloud, mobile, gaming, video and intelligent devices. ” This potential opens the door to creativity with our customers as they think about how to improve their own products and technology. The key to Western digital success is to combine strong technology performance with a strategy focused on each of these markets.

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