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Various high-tech areas, including technology, transportation, and health-related areas, are being recruited into state departments and agencies.

The California Department of Motor Vehicles has started recruiting for three IT Specialist III jobs:

  • Product Manager, As a member of the Digital Transformation Matrix Group, according to the post. The product manager is responsible for identifying customer needs and obtaining IT systems on this basis, as well as “creating reasonable standards that drive the analysis of solutions, design approaches and cost estimates.” The role requires knowledge with information systems and an understanding of state IT project planning procedures. “The engineering team is responsible for explaining why, when and what the product will be built from when it is conceived, started and developed,” the post said. More details about roles and requirements can be found in the post and in the mandatory statement. The position has a monthly salary of $ 8,488 to $ 11,375, and the application deadline is October 8.
  • Product Architect, Its main role is to “develop concepts and theories for organizational architecture,” post-work. The product architect “is responsible for developing prototypes to test the implementation of concepts and strategies to update DMV’s technology platform and business applications.” The product architect works as a liaison between DMV’s Chief Digital Transformation Officer, sellers and IT staff. He is a product architect responsible for overseeing projects and activities carried out by the department’s Digital Transformation Office. The position’s monthly salary ranges from $ 8,488 to $ 11,375, and the application deadline is October 8. Further details are in the mandatory statement.
  • Cloud Architect, Who is responsible for designing DMV cloud policy, strategy, vision and structure for new technology systems, overseeing the implementation of cloud management programs and liaising with the development team, ”the statement said. Cloud architect, in collaboration with a variety of stakeholders, will ensure compliance with the overall strategic plan, objectives and architectural framework to address the complex business needs and legal issues affecting DMV’s modern products and services. … The cloud architect has extensive decision-making power and directs the most important / complex projects. Responsibilities at this stage include the development of organizational architecture, strategic and tactical technical direction, and knowledge of transcendent technical standards. More information about the place is in the mandatory statement. The position has a monthly salary of $ 8,488 to $ 11,375, and the application deadline is October 8.

California Department of Technology A IT Specialist II Position. “The specialist will work with a team of highly trained professionals in support of zSystem and customer / server computing hardware and operating system components,” the statement said. Obligations include “installing, repairing, testing, monitoring, and adjusting the most complex z / OS and z / VM software products and / or other third-party software products and / or general-purpose software products in these computer environments”. The specialist develops and maintains customized online and / or group interfaces and access to the software. The role ranges from $ 7,700 to $ 10,318, and the application deadline is October 16. Additional information is included in the mandatory statement.

California Department of Public Health (CDFP) a Senior Product Manager (IT Specialist II) states that the use of “project management practices and tools for various system development life cycle (SDCL) methods (such as fall T and efficient) throughout the maintenance and operational life cycle.” Among the responsibilities and activities are “Developing and sharing tools, processes, techniques and best practices while managing projects; Managing IT contract purchases and acquired contracts; Ensure that supplier management systems are established and followed to ensure quality service delivery ”and provide provider supervision. The product manager will also play a role in training project management teams in various aspects of project management. “Performs tasks in organizational management, processes, functions, skills, resources, metrics and tools necessary to ensure the continuity of IT services,” says the manager. More details about the role can be found in the mandatory statement. The role has a monthly salary of $ 7,700 to $ 10,318, and the application deadline is October 15.

System Integration Office b Practical business analyst (IT Specialist I) “Work independently and as a leader on major projects to support practical business analysis for the California Health Care Eligibility, Registration and Retention System (CalHEERS) project,” says the post. It is responsible for directing IT Specialists to support business and technical systems development interface requirements to ensure the successful implementation of the CalHEERS system. “Obligations may include access to information systems that contain secure registration information, including federal tax information, protected health information, and personal identification information. More details about the place are in the mandatory statement. The analyst’s monthly salary ranges from $ 5,815 to $ 9,408, and the application deadline is October 4.

Employment Development Department of IT Systems Analyst (IT Specialist I) Working with clients and technical staff to “identify and identify problems, issues and business requirements” according to the post. “The analyst creates and manages project schedules, facilitates and records meetings, creates and presents presentations and communications for all staff and management levels. The analyst conducts research and analysis to create reports and technical documentation (s), examines system issues, analyzes issues and rules, collaborates with developers and testers on application changes, coordinates and monitors project completion, and provides process improvement. More details are in the mandatory statement. Positions range from $ 5,815 to $ 9,408, and the application deadline is October 5.

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