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The grammar, emotion, tone, and metaphor is not so much a matter of AI marketing as it is used to analyze and edit content. But he is there. By 2021, the state of marketing AI has reached one point in the top 49 in terms of use for marketers at the Drift and Marketing Artificial Intelligence Institute.

That usage has reached 3.48. “High value” results in 4.0, and 5.0 is “conversion.” No more than 4.0 registered use cases.

Last month we discussed the use of AI marketing to improve email marketing campaigns and analytics. Here we are discussing how to improve marketing content using AI.

Establishing a brand with artificial intelligence

Devices like Grammarly are well known in certain AI marketing strategies. What about branding and synchronizing content across media channels and content?

Paul Roezer, General Manager and Founder of the Market Artificial Intelligence Institute, told CMSRich Rich Hein and Dom Nikastro in the “CX Decod Podcast” section. Over the past three years, huge jumps have been made. ችሎታ The ability to understand and reproduce the tone … It comes if it is not there, and there are many people who put a lot of money behind it.

So it is not 100%. A.D. According to the results of the 2020 report in the McKinsey Global Survey’s AI State, it does not use many marketing AI issues. In that report, respondents said that IAAIIIs were “wrong” in the most commonly used business practices. “Where’s the Wrong Performance No. 1 area?” Do you ask? Marketing and sales (32%), then product and / or service development (21%) and then service operations (19%).

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Issues of II use appear

Growing pain? Probably. There are still usage issues, such as grammar correction. Microsoft signs grammar improvements with Nvidia in Microsoft Word.

According to one researcher, even high school English teachers are experiencing a dramatic change in reading practice since the advent of digital vocabulary. And that includes “artificial intelligence texts,” which, according to Jason Tonsik, a Montcell State University, “have very accurate grammatical cues that affect the production of text.

“Now more than ever, customers and prospects are connecting and engaging with digital companies. And it’s the content that creates those connections online, ”said Christopher Willis, chief marketing officer of Acrolinex, aerospace content provider. “That makes a great asset to an organization. In fact, one of the biggest. ”

Use AI in issues in question generation, content marketing

Here are three areas in which Willis will market its IoT-enabled content today.

General of Interest Strong content is the fuel for high-performance interest generation campaigns and programs. Interest groups can produce well-written, clear and accessible content according to Willis.

Content marketing; II-powered content strategy brands will be able to deploy consistent grammar, sound and style guidelines on content-development teams.

Brand: According to Willis, a well-defined brand voice makes a company’s values ​​and identity easier to hear. II-powered content can provide organizational content to brand and style standards by providing feedback directly to authors on a variety of authoring tools: by providing feedback in an accurate, inclusive, and consistent manner.

Mike Capt, Chief Content Officer at Marketing II Institute, iI can help content production in the following areas Blog blog

  • Considering Blogger Topics (Provider Examples: Creon, Bridget, HubSpot, MarketMuse)
  • Improving Grammar (Provider Example – Grammar)
  • Improving Content Quality (Provider Example – Acrolinex)
  • Write narrative-based narratives (Provider Example-Automated Insights)
  • Content Marketing ROI (Provider Example-Phrase)

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Time to explore your IU usage issues

Where do these AI devices live? According to Willis, common integration such as Adobe Experience Manager and Adobe InDesign, the full Google Suite, all Microsoft Office applications, Caption, Figma, Sketch and WordPress, etc.

While mergers may vary, and machine learning and marketing content are still in their infancy, learning about them is always a good idea. Blogger Neil Patel, an SEO strategist, blogged, “You don’t need me to repeat the importance of content in your digital marketing efforts. However, you may want to learn how machine learning can improve what you write and publish and why it is important to use it in your content marketing strategy.