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You have launched your new, beautiful and completely optimized website.

What now? Where does traffic come from? How do you treat Gob visitors? How do you change them? You need to implement effective and sustainable marketing strategies to turn a website into a lucrative marketing channel.

1. Renewal

Most users should view your product five to seven times, not to mention to participate or buy it. In other words, you can attract a lot of traffic to a website, but if the number of return visitors is low, it is unlikely that the needle will move on conversions – it will end as soon as new users’ contacts with your new brand start. So, to increase conversions, you need to attract qualified traffic, but also retain visitors. how? Re-targeting… The following ads after visitors leave your website.

Re-targeting The main point is that every time users see your brand, they are more likely to remember it, return to the website, and change it, and it has proven to be very effective. In fact, re-targeting has at least Ten times Higher click levels than notifications. In addition, it is easy and affordable to implement. They only pay for clicks, and CPC rates run between one and two dollars.

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2. Email marketing

No matter how impressed they are with the offer, website visitors will lose interest in not exposing a brand. This includes both recent prospects and long-term customers. Email marketing is one of the most effective channels to increase the loyalty of your leaders and customers.

A simple weekly newsletter is enough to keep your brand in the minds of users, but very complex automatic email flows can work wonders by abandoning cart and increasing revenue. So, we haven’t even seen how email campaigns turn window buyers into first-time buyers and increase recurring sales among existing customers. Such a transaction can generate at least $ 36 per investment, making it one of the most effective channels for returning visitors and conversions.

Email marketing can also be affordable depending on audience size and automation requirements. For small databases and simple campaigns, MailChimp can cater to the needs of free subscriptions, with advanced platforms like Clavio costing more than $ 100 a month. Whichever option you choose, remember that consistency is key. They want to send emails at regular intervals (usually weekly or weekly) and identify high performance times that show good open and click rates.

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3. Content marketing

This strategy involves the strategic use of different types of content to achieve specific marketing goals. In this case, the goals are to increase effective website traffic, engagement and conversions. One of the benefits is that it emits three times more lead than the cost-effective transaction, and costs 60% less.

It includes some basic techniques:

SEO content

This will help your website rank for relevant keywords and attract qualified viewers through search engines. They want to create search-optimized landing pages to attract high-purchasing users, and use blogs optimized for keyword information to attract users at the discovery level (ie, those who want more traffic online). ). SEO is the most sustainable website marketing strategy. Over 53% of all website traffic comes from organic search! And unlike paid ads that offer short-term traffic increases, SEO can bring traffic and constant and long-distance travel.

Product or service instructions

These include benefits and “how to do it” blog-like content or brochures that can be shared. Visitors to the top-down fungus website can also help improve the user experience for existing customers. Overview of a top-notch product or service will teach you future prospects in your gift and help them move from interest to critical level. More In-Depth Guidelines: Existing customers to improve the use of a product or service and in doing so promote greater customer satisfaction, loyalty and recurring sales.

Prohibited Content

This is another word for download content such as white papers, e-books, templates, case studies and so on. It is usually systematically placed on the relevant landing pages in the form of pop-ups or popular action calls (CTAs). We hope the user will be provided with their email address, among other details, and will be more open to your communication from cold to hot pencil.

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Attracting effective website traffic and growing conversions requires continuous effort and optimization. Renewal, email and content marketing are the most effective and affordable strategies that every professional website owner should use. Therefore, set a monthly budget for such a transaction based on the goals you want to achieve. When you start to see results, start small, check, review and improve campaigns regularly.